Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Three print orders to fill, there's new work up at Torn World, I've got a few hours of drafting to squeeze in, and some coding to do at EMG - the end of April is coming up faaaast.

I've gotten some more work done on the anthology - waiting for some more high-res files.

List for the day:
~drafting - 2 hours min.
~Coding at EMG - finish art-viewing pages (add products and category links).
~Torn World: announce contest winners and next contest.
~Finish Homecoming (if time)
~Print orders
~Work on Steampunk coloring book (if time)
~invoice for invitations
~Renew business license

Art and Authoring

I finished edits on a story, and finished un-stitching Homecoming to be put back together. I also opened Death Rights and stared at it a little, but didn't actually write anything on it.

Notes to People

(Pretending I'm famous and can get away with this instead of emails...)

Moonsongsl - I'm still working on refining those articles to send to you! Sorry for the delay!

Juls - Having difficulties getting the measurements you need - I don't have a cloth measuring tape and construction tapes don't wrap well. The short answer is - skinny. I will try to get something better! :P

Marina - art to go out to you shortly!

Toni - art waiting until I finish Drum Dancing so I can send you a copy of that, too!

Selina - Your art is ready to mail, but I have to stand in line at the PO for it, and I've been laaaazy. It'll go out with Marina's!

Everyone who commented on the post before last: THANK YOU. I keep going back and re-reading your responses; they cheered me and warmed me and made me feel all humble and grateful and teary and wonderful. Thank you.

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