Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Flaily Mondaily

Business as Usual

Gearing up to work on some programming this afternoon, yay! If things go right, there's a chance I can get a big chunk of this done today.

I also have a print job to get out - hopefully today or Wednesday so I can save my client express fees.

Remember to submit to EMG-Zine: our June theme is 'Earth' and the deadline is the 1st of May!

Torn World

(for which there is enough business today to get its own category!)

I posted two pieces of fiction and a gorgeous portrait of Birka by Tiffany Toland at Torn World this morning, and an article on 'Soapstem' (for registered readers).

We are now listed at Webfictionguide.com!! - please stop by and vote for us if you are enjoying the stories.

You can also vote for us at Topwebfiction.com - I need to add a pretty banner, but you can vote once a day. :)

And, tomorrow (already! *gulp!*) is the next Muse Fusion! Please drop in at our LJ Community tomorrow and leave our writers and artists prompts and ideas. We'll be writing for you all day!

Art and Authoring

Nothing I can show off yet, but I did finish an illustration and a story this weekend. Waiting for approvals from a character owner for the story - might have to do some edits because it was kind of a character stretch.

And, on the topic of art, I danced at student night Saturday:

I am the one on the left in the green top and bright yellow/orange skirt, with the best tassel belt EVER (which doesn't really show in this photo). Seriously, I love my belt and wore it around over pants when I got home so I could shimmy in style. It's one of a kind, made by Liz, and I love it to pieces.

Home and health stuff

Feeling fine. Ate something too fatty on Sunday or Saturday night, maybe, but recovered in time for rehearsal on Sunday. HIDA scan on Thursday.

All for now!

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