Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I called the doctor, a little concerned about my continuing weight loss, and he thought it sounded far too severe and scheduled me for a CT scan (to eliminate alternate problems) so we can commence with the surgery immediately after the HIDA scan without any more hoops to jump through. So, tomorrow morning I get to drink yummy jars of contrast and go in for that.

The lilypad is coming together fabulously... you will notice many major changes in it, if you go visit. The backend database stuff has to wait until May, but in the meantime, BABY. This is so much nicer. And you'll start to get some hints regarding the final product, now, as I move all the furniture around. It will make my life SO much easier.

Some Torn World 'stuff' taken care of, including a 'Start Here' page for readers, rather than contributors: http://www.tornworld.net/settingpageview.php?id=54

Let me know if that page seems comprehensive to you - especially if you haven't checked out Torn World before... or if you have but got hopelessly lost.

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