Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Zooming along on my Wednesday - good progress on my major webcoding project, the lilypad looks much better, got caught up on PA stuff (printing adoptions, paying artists, deleting portraits...) and now I'm going to do another dozen orders.

After lunch, I plan to tackle the EMG-Zine anthology... I will be pleased to get 3 more articles edited. If there's time, the steampunk coloring book is pretty close, too.

Art and Authoring

Paper Butterflies: Paper Trail has been posted at Torn World! I would lovelovelove any comments on it. Comments are like candy! Fat free!

Home and Health

I figure I've lost about 10 lbs in about that many days (boo!), and had a dizzy spell at dance class last night, but otherwise, still doing fine. I can blame the spins we were doing for the dizziness. I try to go eat something every time I think about it. I seriously recommend this diet to anyone attempting to lose pounds!

Writing tasks:
~Mercy - outlined
~Glorious/Fragment combo - mostly written, needs structural work
~Death Rights - mostly written, already illustrated
~Cause and Defect - mostly written, sponsored
~City of Lights 3 - rough outline
~Paper Butterflies: Proof - rough outline
~Laissesu's Comb (tentative title) - a few disjointed scenes
~Homecoming - needs solid editing

Coding tasks:
~Commission-control beta - about 5% done
~Sekrit project - about 45% done
~Credits/Karma - maybe 2%?
~Torn World - will never end (next priority is more automatic karma)
~EMG-Zine/FP - 5%
~SketchFest site - 0% unless you count logic scribbles

Art tasks:
~Work on drumdancing.
~Finish inking Odds and Ends illo.

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