Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

What a Day...

Had a beautifully composed entry written on my Palm and lost it because I'm a moron, and that is exactly the way the whole damn day went.

To sum it:

Ate badly, low-level migrane most of the day, was grumpy, back hurt, found out an original got to its destination in Canada with $23 in taxes and handling fees - what the hell?! - and realized I was going the wrong way on my webpage and have hopefully finally gotten the damned structure figured out the way I want it. It's going to involve some more time invested in making new images. But it'll look cool.

Horrid day.

Though the weather was wonderful. And we did get to sleep in. The mosquitos are out in force. We may buy the pop-up VW camper-van that I grew up going camping in. My sister bought it some time ago, but is going through a divorce and is thinking of selling it. The idea of VWing EMG to the lower 48 to do Cons is tantalizing...

Alright, not a completely horrid day. Just mostly.

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