Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Can't Keep Me Down...

I took down my artshow yesterday, and was absolutely delighted to have sold a framed original, as well as a few odds and ends. Won't get paid until next week, but that was a bright point in an otherwise spectacularly crappy day. It was Undersea Bellydancer, and is going to a mermaid-crazy bellydance instructor. I signed it for the recipient, and think it will get a great home. He bought a mousepad and card, as well, and in all, it was a great boost when I needed one most.

In other news, I started a few things that had been scaring me, and they are going swimmingly well so far, so that was a big pick-me-up, too.

Tomorrow, I see How to Train Your Dragon with my sister and nephews, and have dance practice with Liz and Jennie in the evening.

Also, artists, be aware that I am doing a BIG database wipe and restructure in May. The site will be closed for the entire month, and if you need anything (like high-res files), let me know IMMEDIATELY.

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