Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I blame my mother...

I have apparently inherited her trick gallbladder. For the past five or so days, I've spent several hours of each day and several episodes at night doubled over in intense pain, or curled up clutching my side. I don't recommend this as a way to spend time, even though Jake and I have discovered a great, distracting TV show on Netflix to mainline. (It's called Surface and is cheesy, unrealistic, sea monstery goodness)

Yesterday, I spent the day at the doctor's, and ended up doing an unscheduled fast for an ultrasound in the afternoon.

Blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound - all negative. Just like mom's were for ten years until she had emergency surgery. (She also had a pulmonary embolism with no symptoms other than back pain...)

In the meantime, my tolerance for most foods - including ANYTHING with fat - has gone out the window. And I don't have a lot of weight available for losing. Also, I'm HUNGRY.


Waiting on liver test results now, as it was enlarged in the ultrasound.

May be somewhat slower to get to things than usual, I apologize in advance.

On the upside, boy do you get service at first care when you say the words 'abdominal pain.' The nurse was waiting for me before I'd finished signing paperwork.

ETA: Also, I have a new story posted: Say No To The Empire
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