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My tummy's been restless for a couple of days now... not sure what's up with that, but it keeps making embarrassing digestive noises. Bleh.

I adore my new Palm. I put Minesweeper on it, always good for a time killer, and 'Mankind,' a space conquest game that's taking me a little while to figure out. Fun stuff! I'd really like a good Mahjong clone, but the version I wanted required some other code and it was more work than I wanted to invest in installing a game. Rats! It's great for writing with, though, and if my muse were being more cooperative, I think I'd be very productive with it.

I got The Railway Children in ebook, and absolutely devoured it. What a delight! I thought I'd read it before, but was thinking of another book with similar title. It reminded me a little of mizkit's writing in style, but I actually think hers (Catie's) is better.

Now, darn it, I want to figure out how to insert images and make little downloadable illustrated palm docs out of all of my stories. :P I'm so vain...

I need new music! I'd really love to get some Evanescence mp3s and set up some music on my Palmtoy.

EMG time tonight! Two hours, at least, at least one of which will be spent appeasing the parent-folks. I'll have to drive into town and spend tomorrow looked in the basement trying to get caught up. I really, really, really wanted to take a day off around this weekend, but they begged me to stay because there's a buttload of projects going out today and Monday. And, rargh, they haven't had enough work to keep me hopping today. There was some work this morning, which I hammered out in about an hour, and I've been stretching out piddly little tasks and writing emails and trying very hard not to get frustrated and strangle someone at work for making me come in on a *gorgeous* day like this for basically nothing. Rargh! It's hard to be mad because they're all really nice people, but still... rargh!

Beginning to feel art withdrawals... *twitch* *twitch*

Mustn't art... must market. Must work on EMG. Must be good. Must not play with new toy. Must not strangle nice co-workers... Must wean self of use of word 'must...'

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