Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muse Fusion #2 update...

Just a few hours left, and I have to run to bellydance class now. It's been a good Muse, so far...

I've written two stories that I really like: "Say No to the Empire," as prompted by haunted_blood and "Death Rights," as prompted by melissad, both just under 1500 words. Death Rights has been sponsored (thank you, Melissa!!), Say No is my freebie.

"No Bead" is a drabble - exactly 100 words, and will be free when it comes up in the Torn World timeline. It was prompted by tonithegreat.

"Dress Code" is a cute little piece I still need tack and ending to - thanks to the TW forumites, I know where I'm going now, just need to piece it together. It was prompted and sponsored by kelkyag

"A Fragment of Sky" is a fragment itself, and I know exactly where it fits. I'm going to take a closer look at some things surrounding it, because it's part of something bigger, and may end up being included there, instead of free-standing. It was prompted by ysabetwordsmith

And, "Mercy," which is going to be epic, is fully outlined, and involves mercy killing and Others and actual action/adventure. Crazy stuff. Prompted by allykat

I also sketched this:

Northern drum dancing! It was prompted and has been partly sponsored by tonithegreat. I've got a complicated, experimental sponsorship going for this one:

The sketch is free at this stage, sponsorships here will add up to finish the piece: $10 for more detail in graphite, add $10 for a background (tell me what it is!), $5 each to add more figures around the big drum (you may specify who!) or to tell me who the male figure on the drum is (I will add specific character details, haircuts, etc), multiple sponsors welcome. Work to be completed within one week!

I will come back tonight after class and be sure to give copious thanks to prompters and supporters, but that's where I am, now. I'm still $10 from the goal I had for buying the community a paid account! We made it! Woo!


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