Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Muse Fusion #2 now open!


Those of you interested in the Sketch Fest at the end of the month might be interested in dropping by to see how this works. :)

Anyone is welcome to throw me a writing prompt! It can be one word, a phrase, an idea, a question about anything regarding Torn World, or even just a character (or character combination) that you'd like to see. (Go do it there, not here, please!)

I am hoping to raise enough donations and sponsorships this month to pay for a paid account for the Torn World livejournal! A few pieces will be released for free, others will be available for sponsorship, like last time. Sponsored pieces become generally available, un-sponsored pieces become Supporter's-only at the site. Folks who donate will ensure that I tackle one of their prompts, and everyone who provides a prompt I use gets a sneak peek at the rough draft of what I create for them!


Ready, set, writing!

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