Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

1st EMG Sketch Fest (draft plan)

Mark your calendars! On Friday, March 26th, the EMGlivejournal will host the first EMG Sketch Fest.

This creative jam is open to all artists, but you don't need to be an artist to participate! We will need inspiration to get us going through an entire day of sketching!

Prompt Participation

Anyone may jump in and comment once the Sketch Fest is opened on Friday, March 26th. We're looking for prompts and inspiration. You may be as specific or general as you like, though this is not the place to get hot, erotic work - your prompts should be work safe! You may post one-word prompts, or photographs, weird science facts, detailed character descriptions, or anything! We generally work in the genres of fantasy and science fiction, but just about any prompt can be combined with that.

Prompts are available for all artists! (Please don't specify 'I want Ellen to sketch a green panda bear.' Though if 'green panda bear' was your prompt, I'd probably take a stab at it...)

Artist Participation

Any artist may join us for this project, you do not need to be a contracted EMG artist or have any affiliation with EMG. There is no skill requirement or talent bar. Just have something to sketch with and some way to show it to us! Hosting of images at EMG may be available if you request it in advance.

You must sign up in advance, at our (forthcoming) sign-up post. Make a post in your livejournal letting us know what your goals and plans are. You may set a number limit (I want to complete 12 sketches!) or a subject goal (I want to work on 3/4 portraits, or inanimate objects), or just a general goal (I want to spend some time sketching!). Also, let us know in that post what your business model is, if you will be charging for your work. Link to that post as a reply in the sign-up post! Your names and links to your goals posts will be listed in the opening post of the Sketch Fest.

You may charge or ask for money for your work, using any business model you like. For example, you may choose to offer your finished sketches at Portrait Adoption, or ask for tips, sponsorships or donations as you draw, or offer the originals for sale or sponsorship. One idea may be to post a sketch and ask for donations to finish it as a painting... you can give your donors a free print of the finished piece, or some other perk for helping make it possible. You may also simply post all of your finished sketches for free. Maybe poll your audience to find out which one they most want you to finish? Entirely up to you! A roundup of all completed work will be made following the Sketch Fest, and we'll link to anything that is available for sale or sponsorship, as well as to all of the finished work.

You are encouraged to play along on twitter, facebook or any other social networking site. Let people know that you'll be participating, and encourage them to stop by and leave prompts.

On the day of the Sketch Fest (March 26!), log in to livejournal and look for our opening post at about 9 AM AST. (Or later - you may join us at any time!) Browse the prompts in the comments and pick one that's inspiring to you. Let us know with a reply that you're working on that one, so we can spread the workload out among the artists and make sure everyone (hopefully!) gets one prompt answered. Then, go sketch!

You may not spend more than 1 hour on any given piece. Set a timer, or an alarm on your computer.

You may use any media - digital, graphite, paints, inks, sculpture, knitting... whatever! Just don't spend more than 1 hour on any one piece.

Post your finished sketch - or a link to it on your own livejournal, facebook or other public page - in another reply to the comment that inspired it so our prompt participants can see what was created from their ideas.

You can always go back and finish these later. If your sketch becomes your next epic painting, that's fine! We'd love to see it, at both the sketch stage and finished.

Consider this Sketch Fest a trial run. If this goes well and is popular, we may do this every month or every other month, depending on user input!

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