Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

And at the end of the day...

Fixed a lingery thing at EMG that was throwing an error when something was no longer available as products (which is an increasing number of designs!). Added karma purchase of supporters-only stories at TW. Finished one freelance job, waiting to see that no changes need made. Finished graphics-y job (in exchange for dance classes), owe high-res files. Filled two orders - won't catch up at this rate... Removed Biting Pear soap - all of Ursula's soaps are now sold out!! (I actually have four bars of the soap left, but no labels, and printing just four would be a royal pain. I love this soap, so it's no hardship to just use them myself.) Got a few hours of now-ex-day-job stuff in, as well. Also, cleaned the bathroom and set my robot army Roomba loose on the floor. I have a load of dishes to do, and then, I think I might go to bed early.

Other notes of note: I love my new chair. I love my car with heated seats and nice sound system that doesn't crackle and cut out. I drove home jamming to happy tunes. (Must get a copy of that retro-Dr.Who-Blondie-revolution song that I can't stop singing to...) I love my husband who feeds me delicious asparagus-stuffed chicken with purple carrots and potatoes and is now asleep on the couch.

And, my cat is in love with her new carpet-cylinder. I've never seen a cat so in love with a thing before. She only gets off of it to eat and use the litter box. She doesn't even sleep with me anymore! Her life revolves around the carpet cylinder. She won't get off it to greet me when I come home, even, though she might sit up and meow, if she's feeling generous.

*sighs* Dishes, yes.

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