Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Today is the first weekday in three or four weeks that I don't have new material to post at Torn World. Waiting for last votes on several pieces, but nothing fully approved to put up. Wow! Hard to feel bad about that record...

Finished the graphics-y stuff I needed to last night, and did some webwork stuff, and started poking at Homecoming (which some of you may remember from my Elfwood library a hundred years ago...). It needs ripped up and re-stitched, but shouldn't be that bad. A lot is still salvageable.

This morning, orders and checks, some dishes, and then drafting work in the afternoon. There's hockey tonight, which I'm hoping to use as uninterrupted time to put on my earphones and finish Homecoming.

The sketch fest looks like a go - I am eyeing Friday, March 26th as a potential date, and will post more about the structure and details as I develop them. Thank you for your interest and input!

A reminder, this Sunday is daylight savings! Take that into account when you come to join the Fantastic Portfolios chat between 12-4 Alaska time! Spring forward, so it's an hour... um... earlier than it otherwise would have been. Blurgh.

My world domination plans have taken more steps forward. Little, baby steps, but still steps.

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