Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Wisdom for the day: Much of my frustration with other people would go away if I remembered that I don't care enough about the projects in question to do them myself, it's just that I like seeing things done right. And if I'm not doing the project, it doesn't matter that it's unnecessarily complicated... because I'm not the one doing the work, remember? Remember?

Finish my own projects first.

Then go volunteer for extra stuff.

On that note, the thing with EMG-Zine that I thought would be easy isn't. Might just be a speedbump, but it's a headscratcher right now...

Also! Meredith's Paperdolls are up! Horrah! They trimmed them correctly this time!

Dance class tonight. Also, wrangling taxes and retirement funds and other fun things. Have learned more about IRAs (of many varieties) than I ever wanted to.

Also, I will probably have to pay quarterly taxes this year and that fills me with dread.

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