Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

There are a hundred things I should be doing...

But I have the mental power for exactly none of them.

I'll just make a list so I can remember to do them tomorrow:

~Finish linking EMG-Zine to the newly merged database.
~Post Mere's paperdolls
~Unpack car - actually will be unpacking it to display again!
~Fill orders (6?)
~Invoice JO for prints
~Add article submission link to sidebar at TW
~Drafting, 7 hours
~Dance meeting with Liz and Jennie to decide on music ~5

~Weed email inbox - getting there...
~Finish licensing article for TW
~Edits for ALLB
~Post at PA forums
~Review a few more entries at FP, make sure new critics don't have questions
~Email to freelance job thing
~Post City of Lights part 2 at Webpage and remember to include illustration.

This week:

~Get the commission-control site to beta testing.
~Finalize look (if not coding) of submission review pages at TW.
~Build freelance tracking spreadsheet. (Oh god... gives me idea for another webpage. NO ELLEN, BAD MONKEY. NO MORE PROJECTS.)
~Find serenity
~Drafting, not sure of schedule, but probably 6-7 hours a day
~Get a start on updating my own site (*gasp*)
~Finish Meetings and post for review
~Freelance web thing

I'm going to go sit in my incredibly comfortable new chair until bedtime and not do any of this.

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