Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I am in geek heaven.

Jake got me a Zire71 Palm. With a folding keyboard and expansion card. It's like having a laptop, only teensy. I'm in love!! It has a camera, and plays music and I got the software to talk with MS word.

We were weak and decided to exchange gifts early. (Jake's birthday is right next to mine, so it's like a little two-person Christmas.) This way, we have the weekend to play with the new toys.


He loved the MP3 player, and has been listening to music at ear-bleeding volumes with his new headphones.


(I swear, it's like the hiccups. Woot!)

--insert interlude where Ellen runs around taking pictures of her house and cat and drawings out of her sketchbook.--

I may not have plumbing, but I've got the *coolest* toys. Who needs toilets?
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