Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Cleaned house this morning, got little to no EMG time this week; only answered a few of the most time-crunch emails and appeased the credit card processors. Went shopping last night with Mom for material; she's making me a shirt, a tank top, a two-layer broomsticky skirt and a pull-over tie-dye polar fleece shirt. :) I bought some of the material since we got a little carried away. (She was only going to make me a shirt, but they had sales. And pretty material in colors I liked. My wardrobe is pathetic right now.)

Today, Matrix movie with Melody, dinner with Matt and Nicki tonight.
Tomorrow, gaming, maybe some EMG. *crosses fingers* Sunday night TV-couch-husband happiness.
Monday, canoeing, birthday stuff with Jake.
Tuesday, whateverthehellIwantwithoutfeelingguilty.

Attempting to sell some art via Ebay. Those information-grubbing-monopolistic-bastards. Check it out here. I'm hoping that at the least, it will be good exposure for EMG. We'll see.

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