Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Mondaily with glee

It's not appropriate glee - I have nothing concrete to be gleeful about, but I do have plans. Delightful, delicious, time-saving, sanity-saving plans that will ensure my domination of the world.

My Empire prepares to take another leap forward.

I must be good, and put this on my list, and make sure that my list is in order and do the other things that I don't want to do as much first.

I found that some of the balls I am juggling were rolling around at my feet this morning, so I've got to pick a bunch of them up and get back on track with a few things.

Tomorrow, I have off from the day job.

I have checks to send, another payment to Doctors Without Borders to send, orders to fill, a coding job to work on, the EMG-Zine anthology to work on, and my art show to organize.

But my evil plans? OMG. Everything clicked into place once I made a major (and very basic) realization. So going to take over the world. Stay tuned!

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