Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with *headdesk*

Business as Usual

The Fantastic Portfolios Chat has been moved to February 28th! I have smoochy Valentine's plans with my husband, so I can't host it this Sunday.

Appear to have broken logins at Torn World. BRILLIANT. Not sure how I did so - it logged me out mid-session. Won't be able to fix it until I get home tonight.

But on the upside, before I did that, I made the article system much better and yesterday I added character links to the stories and artwork.

I have a few coding ideas I'd like to insert at EMG-Zine, now, too. I'm getting much better at this than when I started that site! (Or any of them, for that matter...)

Art and Authoring

Slaving away on a fun little picture. Debating adding color. (Probably not... am slow and fumble-fingered at color!)

Annie has an awesome column in EMG-Zine this month about adding color - I may take a stab at her advice and try two colors. Two colors isn't that scary. (And if you have questions for her, please send 'em to me!)

Life stuff

Clear today, and sunny. It's above zero! We have positive degrees! Three of them!


At work now, need to get a few things done, then I'm going to go work out, go shopping for the weekend and then home, to FIX the stupid breakage I seem to have made. There may be banging of head against desk. Depends on what I've done, which I honestly have no clue about right now.

ETA: Hm. Maybe I didn't break it. The problem appears to be site-wide and now throws a general server malfunction error. Still, would like it fixed!

EATA: Dreamhost staff came through like troopers on this one and have already fixed it. :)
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