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I've got another hour or so of Muse Fusion before I have to eat dinner and go to belly dancing. I don't know how much I'll have left in me once I get back from that.

So far today, I've written:

"Only a Yiirk Bite" from prompts by tonithegreat and haunted_blood Fiction, 1076 words, starring Fala, Kativa, Kether, Anler and Tolnam. Sponsored by tonithegreat

"Cure or Cause" from prompts by Jeffrey and a desire by haunted_blood and kelkyag to see Draiden and Emeroma interact. 820 words. I threw in Oranaan, too. Sponsored by kelkyag and melissad

"A Day of Silence," a typical day in Marai's life, also featuring Lenerai. Prompted by padparadscha, 1290 words. Sponsored by haunted_blood!

"Small Changes," at 420 words, the conquest of Itadesh, prompted by kelkyag. This will be available for free.

"Rules are Rules," prompted by chibicharibdys - Bai and Ressa discuss a marriage license justification form. Fiction, 717 words. $10 sponsorship!

"Not Fair", prompted by chibicharibdys 1200 words, about Kether, Kativa and Tolnam becoming adults. It's hard to write angsty, hormonal teenagers sympathetically! Sponsor for $15.

"Repairman," an 1100 word fiction piece prompted by artwork from valdary and a prompt from ysabetwordsmith about time crystal storage units... and blinkbirds. This one will be available freely.

We're still taking prompts, for a little bit longer anyway! http://community.livejournal.com/torn_world/13878.html

I having entirely too much fun with this...

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