Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Dear Internet,

Today I have to be at the dayjob, which isn't so bad because it pays the bills. I have a tasty lunch today - roast beef sandwich with lots of lettuce and cilantro!

It is snowing today, but not like it has been in other places in the states. I am jealous and want more. They get big, thick, fluffy snow. We get a millimeter of flat dry snow that falls over the space of 6 hours.

It has been fun watching the inside humidity graph on our weather station: it varies between about 4% and 14%, and you can point to events like boiling a pot of water for pasta without the lid (14% for about two minutes!), and doing a load of laundry, or starting the wood stove (zoooooom down to 4%).

I forgot to post a link earlier to my latest story: Too Many Tears. (It is silly Elfquest fanfiction, but I do like writing vignettes with Honey.)

I have gotten caught up on Torn World karma for January, and I'm excited about the muse fusion tomorrow.

Let me know, dear Internet, how you are doing, and what the weather is like where you are. Write soon!

Be well,

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