Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Fridaily with to-do

Was unexpectedly awake at 2 this morning with THOUGHTS and WORRIES and BRAIN AWAKE. Stupid brain.

Went back to sleep, eventually. At work today.


  • Meeting at a place with some people to look at my portfolio as a potential art feature for next First Friday and the month of March. (meep!)
  • Mad-dash to put together said portfolio after I get off of work (sooooon now!)
  • Print service order that must go out tonight. (meep!)
  • Collapse.

    This weekend:

  • The Plan and Mexican food Saturday evening
  • Gaming Sunday 12-5
  • Invitation commission, art and printing


  • Major webcoding freelance project, paper logic trails stage. Sometimes the hardest thing about coding is making things simple.
  • Minor webcoding freelance project, confirmed availability, waiting for orders!
  • Possible edits to previous major webcoding freelance project
  • Meet with print service client.

    All I have time for today!

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