Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

No business today. Not businessy business, anyway. Lots of dayjob business and freelance business (yay, second new freelance project confirmed!) and such. I did get two jobs wrapped up last night, though I'm sure one will come back with edits and the other gets a few tweaks and a giant sign layout tonight before dance class.

Art and authoring


Home and Health and Weather

-8 F.

It's 72 in Honolulu. *sighs*

Other than extra cuddles with the cat following the disturbing dream where she lost her paws, nothing to report on the home front, either.


Freelance project # whatever it is layout. Dance class. Dinner. Emails, if I get to it. Very behind, I'm sorry!


The creative lull as a seasonal necessity: http://rippatton.livejournal.com/40908.html

This is the line that won me: It is more like a winter of creativity- a time when things go underground, buried beneath piles of heavy snow, and one can only stand and listen to deep silence, thinking spring must only be a dream.

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