Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I am tired and would like to not be working and deciding things...

... so I will just make a list of things to do tomorrow.

~Get in touch with Jenny about showing artwork at Sipping Streams
~Mail orders
~Packages to mom, Juls, Michelle, Syb, Rachel, replacement Sea Sock.
~Re-pack closet (yay!!) - close!
~Install light in kitchen
~Get EMG-Zine stuff for February up (Announce: TW updates, portrait adoptions, discussions for C-C)
~Make decisions on a few more open threads at TW - several!
~Finish 'Glorious' (working title)
~Pay bills
~Finish artist pay/Haiti donation - Haiti donation done, paypal payments done - still need to send checks.
~Finish freelance project before Monday - ack!
~Entry for Torn World culture contest?? Only 500 words... I can do that in my sleep, right?

The closet has made massive progress! It still needs one more wall, but all the guts are there, and I was able to reclaim my studio, mostly. My shoes are still in wild disarray. I will tame them tomorrow.

Oh yes, I am a redhead again!

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