Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Birthdays and Art and Stuff

Had a marvelous night last night. :)

Jake and I grilled steaks and pork chops and corn on the cob, and I squeezed in enough art time to do the picture I was *trying* to do the previous night.

I wimped out and went with a profile, but still managed flowy cloths and big feathery wings. I think it looks a little like me, and Jake thinks it looks like a Neanderthal, so I rather hope one of us is wrong.

Tomorrow night there's hockey on cable, so Jake will be out of my hair and off at Jessie's for some time. I'm very much hoping for a good long dedicated evening of EMG. Wouldn't it be swell to get the webpage done! Yeah, right... remember, Ellen: Realistic goals!

This weekend, we're going canoeing. Woo! I think I've been forbidden from slaving over EMG for the weekend, but I'm not quite sure. It's our weekend off, at anyrate: I'm taking Tuesday off, so that I have a four-day weekend. I don't think Jake's taking Tues off, I'll have to check.

Our birthdays are coming up next week, and I'm squirming in my chair over what Jake got me. He's terribly pleased with himself, and has dropped a lot of hints about it/them being quite pricey and the best thing he's gotten me yet (the man's no slouch on thoughtful gifts, either...), and yesterday he made me stay upstairs while he took the stuff out of it's mailing boxes and made sure nothing was damaged, making really loud, pointed oos and ahs. I'm *dying* to know what it is!!

I've gotten him a little portable MP3 player and a set of *really* high quality headphones, and I'm planning to pick up a little fast-heating gas grill that he's been asking for. I still want to get a French maid's outfit, but there aren't any in town, and I hesitate to order clothes I can't try on. We'll see.

Sent in a pile of suggestions for the Moderator's Dictionary, per my usual opinionated self. Hope they're useful, Gretchen!

I've done a few sketches towards the Amazon project with Catie, but I'm not really very happy with any of them.

Not much more to tell. :)

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