Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Special offer for EMG artists with royalty fees pending

I didn't win any of the help_Haiti auctions I bid on, so I was getting ready to put together an independent donation of my own when I got an email from one of my artists asking me to put their royalties as a contribution towards such a donation.

I love my artists, and this is an AWESOME idea.

If you have outstanding EMG royalties (some or all) that you'd like to add to this, please let me know! All pay summaries have gone out now (except one), and I always wait a week or so before sending out the actual pay to make sure you have a chance to update your payment information (there are ALWAYS a dozen people who haven't updated and getting checks back in the mail is frustrating).

The charity I am most interested in donating to is Doctors without Borders, but if you have another favorite charity, let me know.
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