Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Don't think I'll be working the dayjob today, so I've started laundry, the fire and plotting.

I have a new story up today: http://www.tornworld.net/sublist.php

It is, however, for supporters only! For a mere $5, you too may read this fabulous work of fiction, and 4 of your dollars go into your account as credits that you may spend on any contributor at Torn World. You'll also get a free adoption of any available character, you'll be able to see supporter-only artwork ("Something Big is Coming" is also only available for supporters, and is one of my favorite pieces of artwork!), and you'll get some karma to spend. It's a super offer - and the year-long membership is an even better deal! A very grateful tip of the hat to those of you who have already subscribed - hope you enjoy the story!

And a reminder that we've got a community that sees week-daily posts about stories, characters, articles, language and more: http://community.livejournal.com/torn_world/

Art and Authoring

Well, nobody seemed to notice that I didn't upload the artwork I linked to on Wednesday. (*mimes a knife to the heart*)

I'm posting it again anyway.

From 1995.

Home, health and weather

We worked on the closets until 9:30 on Wednesday, and until 9 last night, despite the fact that I had a migraine (also, I'm a dolt and totally forgot about the things Jeffrey gave me to try for the migraine until this morning...). Among last night's difficulties, the galvanized closet rod that Jake got was about 1/4" too long. So, we were out in the snow grinding down this rod, trying to fit it in again, pulling out the metal blade for the circular saw, grinding it down again, cursing and struggling and nearly freezing my hand to the rod, with many off-color jokes about rods and tight spaces in general. Parts were rather cool, actually, being out in the falling snow, kneeling down and looking away while being showered in bright sparks. With the general visual affects of the migraine, it was like an art movie. And with much wrestling, we got the rod in place and the closets are coming together nicely in general. We'll be assembling some new drawered units this weekend, and wiring in a few more outlets. I'm eyeing a shallow space behind my eventual door with ideas of bookcases.

It's about 4 below today, and snowing. Very pretty.


Laundry is done washing, time to go fill up the woodstove and hang it up! (In that order, so the inevitable smoke doesn't get into the clean laundry.)

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