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Wrote a flash fairy tale for Woodworks... but it's more a flash fable than a fairy tale, and reading through the rules on the forum, they didn't mention original stories... hmm... *inquiring look towards people in the know* I'll send it in and see what they think.

I have recruited someone else to Livejournal! Haha! My plans to dominate the world are taking fruit!


I mean, of course, hello, and welcome, Whitney, with cookies and hot cider. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

Waded through some yahoo emails yesterday and got bits of that off my plate. Also got all my orders out. Still have prints and an original to send out today, need to look up slow postage to Canada. Considering putting some originals up for sale on Ebay. I had decent luck with that last time I tried, and I've improved since then. Maybe Cold Comfort, but I'm not sure how... mmm... broadly appealing that would be. I need to draw some scantily-clad warrior chicks, methinks.

Had an absolute stinker of an art night, speaking of. I drew a face I rather liked, down-turned, dramatic lighting, and sketched in some pretty hair and angel-wings and flowy clothes, and then decided that the face was pointed the wrong way for the pose, so I erased the pose, because that was the least finished, but couldn't get it right for the face, so I erased the face, but kept the hair because the face was displeasing me and the hair I liked. Then I decided the hair was all the wrong direction when I couldn't get the face to match it, and after an hour of drawing I had erased all the way back to a blank page and gave up. I sulked for a while and Jake tried to cheer me up. (He mostly succeeded)

On the plus side, I spent a whopping .89 on a new kneaded eraser, which was very nice. My old one was nearly black and had a whole bunch of mysterious grit and pencil-shaving pieces in it. I don't know how I survived before kneaded erasers. I really didn't shade much before this last year... I was always pretty caught up in the final being inked to be finished.

Elfwood's down, which is unfortunate, because apparently I'd put in a ticket to get Frozen published in my Wyvern's shelf long enough ago that I'd forgotten I had and now it's up. :P I think I'm getting senile.

Joe finally got the care package I sent him several months ago. I wonder if the fish went bad... it was smoked and cured and such, but who knows how they've been storing the mail. I have my fingers crossed that at the least it didn't go horribly wrong and leak out of its packaging into the rest of the care package.

Made my personal webpage live yesterday. It's still got place-holders for some of the graphics and I'm not real tickled with some of the graphics that are up, but it's better than a page saying 'there's nothing here right now!' so... well, there it is.

Considering a new method of dealing with contracts that will save me even more hassles: have the signed contract part of the submission package. *They* fill out their name and designs and info, and post the appropriate scanned signature pages on the web. I select which work I want to use, send back an 'I release these designs' form for the designs I don't want to use, and... that's it, we're done. No nagging for contracts, no filling out the fields myself, or trying to make up names for the pieces that came sans names. No shuffling through my filing cabinet trying to figure out *where* in the contract process I am with the ten or more artists I've got in limbo that I keep getting mixed up in my head. No wondering what designs I'm okay to use as what products until I get the contracts back, keeping me from setting up the webpage entries. If I were less of an airhead, maybe my current method would be fine, but I'm *really* struggling with the organizational details of the whole contract process right now.

Having a *blast* at work the last couple of weeks designing really large presentation posters. I like working this large, and I like the challenge of taking really boring engineering photos and making interesting and balanced compositions. The MOUT poster has gotten me some serious kudos and I'm horrendously pleased with myself. The bummer is that my computer is just noooot quite beefy enough to keep up with the files I want to manipulate (near 200Megs in some cases). Saving, opening and printing each take ten minutes in some cases. Have found and greatly exceeded the limits of the in-printer memory of just about every machine in the office. :P In-computer printing is pretty slow, but it's the only way to go. I think I may have talked John into buying me the Cintiq tablet. Have definitely talked him into getting me Photoshop 7, and I'm supposed to get another half gig of RAM pretty soon here. Also getting a second, flat-screen monitor at the end of the summer after the interns go home. Woo! Work is good to me. :)

Oof... another week without doing a Critters critique. Bad Ellen. Which is one reason I haven't submitted anything for critique. I did finally hear back from one of the authors I did critique, and I think it was appreciated. I've been doing a seriously thorough job on the ones I've done.

All for now.

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