Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Stack one of orders went out yesterday. Stack two will be tackled shortly.

I totally won the coding wars yesterday and got large file uploading working successfully again.

Art and Authoring

This is the best copy I could find of this piece: the very first snow unicorn, from 1995:


It's warmed up a ton. Officially it's -16, but I walk outside and it feels like it's about zero. Balmy! We've got another stubwall up at the closet and are starting the interior siding. I got a freak cramp in my neck yesterday morning that has been hurting ever since.

Those three things are basically unrelated.

I remembered to go to dance class last night and enjoyed it immensely. I am still no good at leading - I get in front and forget what to do next. In this, at least, I am very much meant to be a follower.


Work day is in limbo - not sure if I'll be called in, or not. Depends on what the boss gets done, my guess is I won't be needed.


The best metaphor of shared world collaborations is something like a rugby scrum. Everyone pushes in their particular directions, sometimes pulling together, sometimes against each other, but always with tremendous effort, and the rough parts are just as interesting, productive, and important as the ones that go smooth. Plus sometimes you lose a tooth. - Daniel Abraham

http://www.tor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=blog&id=58634 <- on collaborative writing.

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