Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Dreamhost recently moved my sites to new servers, which has hosed a number of very minor things, and several REALLY MAJOR ones (that lilypad error I was griping about a month or so ago was related). The most major of the ones recently discovered is that the lilypad no longer likes big files. I've got the cap changed to 20 M (from the default of a puny 7 M), but my changes, which SHOULD make it accept 100 M, are not working. I roar and shake my fist.

I've invoiced a pile of orders, which should go out today. (I went in to the dayjob yesterday and was sent home after an hour. Today I called in, and they didn't need me. I treasure these days and know they won't last...)

Mere's paperdolls book proof came in again, but was mis-trimmed AGAIN. Grr.

Working through emails. I feel behind on EVERYTHING, but stubbornly cheerful.

Art and Authoring

Bits and bobs here and there. Got a scene written for a collab at RTH, and finalized another story there. Drafted some Torn World stuff. Scribbled some sketches.

Home and health

Yesterday, after I came home, Jake and I went straight to work on our closet, demolishing the entire thing, and we build a new wall frame for two walk-ins. Which means, we're mid-project and my studio is more disaster even than usual, with the entire contents of my closet strewn everywhere. Driving me a little crazy, it is.

After a drink to celebrate getting the wall up, I suddenly remembered dance class, with too little time to plug in the car, eat some dinner, and drive in. Was kicking myself for that the rest of the night. Will NOT forget class tonight.


Orders are critical path. Then there are a hundred and seventy two coding projects to work on - the freelance project takes precendence, and hey, they just sent me what I needed! Horrah!

Tonight, we'll put up enough siding on the new wall to put the closet contents back into the space. The wall may exist only as a frame for a while, but I don't particularly care. It's already an improvement.

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