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Business as Usual

I got about a quarter of the anthology final-edited today. A second proof of the paperdolls book should be in my hands in... a week or two? I started slogging through artist pay, and nearly gave myself a heart attack when the printer stopped responding (the already DELETED artist pay calcs in the queue). Then I spent way too long fixing that problem.

And I got several hours in on day job and freelance job. Woo! Productive day!

Tomorrow will be at the day job.

Art and authoring

My story Genius is up at Torn World! I'm working on a new one that is young Birka and Fala-centered. I'd like to get a short finished every week for a while. This one is drawing on personal experiences that I've translated to story form before - but never quite like this!

Happy ending is totally whupping tragic ending in the poll I posted earlier.

Home and health

I'm a little sniffly today. Took vitamins, and am rubbing cat feet for luck in lieu of having any rabbits around. Between bellydance on Tuesday and crunches at the gym yesterday, my abs are killing me. My shoulders are a touch sore, too.

I've cleaned the kitchen today, and am doing a load of laundry now.


I dunno! I've got fun coding things I could do. I've also got a monstrous Torn World watercolor I'm working on - as big as Roses!! My new watercolor brushes shipped today, so I should finish the pencils for it soonish. I could play with my new acrylic paints, too. (They're so shiny and new! Even if some of my tubes came all squashed up in the mail.)

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