Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Business as Usual

Express order out. Fixed some niggly little code at Torn World dealing with non-member contributors. Not that non-member contributors are going to be the norm, but it should still work!

Art and Authoring

I revised Genius, and it is Much Better. Actual plot, hello! I finished Paper Butterflies Pt 1, as well, and have opened and stared at the Lenarai storyline I'm working on.

Tiny excerpt today:

"I could go somewhere else." Oranaan scowled, sullen, and the words that Emeroma had dreaded so much seemed flat against his childish sulk.

I also did art that I can't show you - I worked on one piece that MUST be done by the 1st, and finished the other. Horrah!

Home and Health

Home is good, but I got all of the above done (and a few hours of freelancey stuff) despite feeling really quite horrid. My insides, they are not happy with me. Jake has mentioned stomach flu going around... it might be, but it might be something I ate. Who knows. Not happy. *holds middle and moans*


I get to unforward the work phones very shortly here, and will then possibly take a nap and pursue ways not to care that I don't feel good.

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