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Business as Usual

Torn World launches on Friday. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Express print order printing now. (Wait, wasn't I supposed to be closed?)

I got the EMG-Zine coding done that I needed to for the new year, horrah!

Art and Authoring

Revised the first part of City of Lights and A Simple Order, and I'm nearly finished with the rough draft of Paper Butterfly (part 1) and then I need to edit Genius.

Here's an excerpt of Paper Butterfly:

The boy frowned, clearly unimpressed. "How does water get into the pipes at my house?"

When Bai tried to explain that and failed equally, the boy asked, "Why does wild grass stop growing when it's waist high instead of growing up into the sky like a tree does?"

Bai had to laugh then, and simply admit, "I don't know. You're supposed to ask me questions I would be able to answer."

With skepticism, the boy asked, "What
can you answer?"

House and Health

Our stairs are enclosed! It's... very different and much more attractive. But you can see how old and worn the stairs themselves are now. It's crazy to think of how much they've been through - that whole first summer they were wide open to the elements. They even got snowed on! They are well-loved.


I have two pieces of artwork that MUST be finished before the 1st, and one more that SHOULD. Ahhhhhhh! Plus I desperately want to finish Paper Butterflies (at LEAST part 1). I have a coding wishlist out my arm, but it will have to wait.


Via hermitgeecko: http://nymag.com/news/features/27840/ - a fascinating look at praise.

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