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Year in Review

I hope you all had lovely holidays! Mine have been very low-key and wonderful.

Looking back at last year's entries about this time, I found my year review and my goals for 2009. Let's review!

Fantasy Art Shop
Get the rest of the giftstore fulfillment phased out to Monoceros Studio
Massive re-design, visually.
RSS feed.
More streamlined submission process.
Do a new Christmas design of my own.
Expand tea and soap lines.

This... went a different direction entirely, as you know by now. Order fulfillment face-planted, and rather than trying to drag this along by myself, I brutally trimmed the shop back to prints. I did start on the wishlists script, and did streamline the submissions a bit, and the massive visual redesign happened, too. I also introduced new teas and a new soap, plus 2 new coloring books and 2 reprints, 2 new calendars, and we're painfully close on another EMG-Zine anthology.

Print Services
Revitalize that section of the webpage, through EMG/PA backend.
Full service through MS. (Prints only, phasing into other products as the full transition happens.)

Again, massive direction change when I realized that MS wasn't going to be able to do the order fulfillment. I still did the coding to streamline this in the back of EMG - it's not entirely finished, but the user-end is done.

Fantastic Portfolios
Invitation portfolios
Have article integration directly in the critiquing area.
Start phasing in EMG-Zine archives and collecting other resources.
RSS feed.

I'll admit, I dropped the ball on a lot of this. These all go right back onto my list for 2010.

Portrait Adoption
We need more submitted descriptions. Dig up some TW character descriptions and start collecting for 2010.
Work on graphics around the site - linking banners, particularly!
Comments feature for the SDs.

RSS feed appeared to be a theme... of things I didn't manage to do. Hmm.

We did have some nice submitted descriptions, but more would always be nice. I did get the comments feature neatly coded, AND I managed to change the entire certificates management system, which is quite awesome.

Finish fixing webpage. (Art submissions script for artboard is buggy right now! Need to add new ads.)
Get the credit spending to post instead of pass to minimize accidentally doubling.
Get the credit spent to email both writer and subscriber, allow anonymous donation.
Get staff page up, posthaste!

Have I still not gotten that staff page up!? It is because I suck and am lame.
The other coding fixes are all done.

Torn World
Finish webpage. It's a good ways there, but I still need to incorporate Karma and Credits, and filter everything by Canon, add a staff page, and a bunch of other stuff. 2010 Jan release date.
Finish/edit first year's worth of stories. (52 would be ideal!)
Draft second year's worth.
Get artwork. (See PA)
Get wiki populated with details.
1 color piece
Recruit contributors in July, webpage goes public with no story content.
Recruit staff earlier - need a story and character board posthaste.

Canon board is in place. Contributors are trickling in. The wiki has been replaced with a super awesome article script that integrates beautifully into the site, and is being populated regularly. I've commissioned several pieces of artwork (some of it is done), and I finished "Something Big is Coming," and a few stories (but not enough!). World-building went in directions and distances that I never anticipated! I'm almost finished with the worldmap, and the language work was something I never pictured developing into something as complex as it has... just this week, we started working up plans for a language generation and database system to integrate into the site, so, although I crossed all of the coding items off of my list, the list has been too fluid to keep up with. :P I did finish all of the credits and karma coding, and everything is filtered for canon/non-canon and supporters-only stuff is screened and everything is cross-linked like woah. The site I started with was an awesome shared world platform. I think I can humbly say that this finished site is going to be EPIC. My coding skills have leveled up at least three times this year, and the functionality is beyond incredible.

Doooo iiiiiit

*sighs* This went away with the rest of the product-making.

Artists of Fantasy
Design is done, thanks to Selina. Need to start integrating new site features. Would be nice to have this finished by the end of the year, too.

Hmm. This seems to have dropped off the general radar. I may have to knock heads with Selina and talk about this further. Much of what this site *would* have done will be done by my fantasy art shop now that it has scaled back so significantly.

2 backstories.

I gave up Kadanzer for 2008, thinking to come back in 2009 with some more energy for it. I did one picture, a sketch, really, and haven't felt any pull to create more. I feel like I'm watching the club fade away, but I haven't got the energy or inclination to push or pull it - which makes me feel guilty. I really, really want to steal all of those folks to Torn World - I love working with them, but the Kadanzer setting isn't lighting my fire anymore.

River Twine
2 stories, 2 pieces of artwork.

To be perfectly frank, River Twine doesn't inspire me NEARLY as much as Torn World is, but it's still managed to wring much more out of me than I expected: three finished stories, and five pieces of finished artwork! The character is intriguing. The people in the group are inspiring.

Freelance Work
Do enough work to pay the mortgage every month.

This turned into something significantly different, and I ended up going to work full time. Mortgage paid? Oh yes, and much more. The few remaining debts we have are being paid off at double-time, and although it's been exhausting, it has been rewarding. It was a little crazy-not-fun at the end of November, but I reaffirmed my priorities with the job, and the next year is shaping up to be a good balance of steady work, freelance and my brave new business model.

Get 12 finished pieces, total.

12? Oh, I'm not sure, let's see...

Honey as Six
Go Around
PA 1798
Underwater Bellydancer
Resla and Varla
The Green Fairy
PA 1876
PA 1947
Ibabesh Bridge (not published yet)
Illo for the Great Northern Gate
Also, revised Roses
Pugs for work!
Gift Delivery
Something Big is Coming - for Torn World supporters only.

Finish extension.
Paint exterior and floor.
Baseboard trim in the living room.

The exterior is FINISHED!! We also repainted the floor, though sadly, it needs it again. We also enclosed the stairwell (just this weekend!!) and beautified it greatly in general. The business rearrangement has led to major studio remodeling, and we're redoing Jake's computer area, too. We replaced four of our windows with much nicer larger ones. We painted one wall ORANGE. No handrail or baseboard trim, yet. I can't bring myself to care.

Writing (which wasn't on my original list?!)

Too Many Tears (not published yet)
The Right Man for the Job
City of Lights (not published yet)
A Simple Request (not published yet)
Genius (needs edits)

And other things...

I went to Dragon*Con
I did a double-booth at the fair
This was a failure.
I bought a new car! NEW new, not just new to me!

This next week is going to be a challenge - I have some edits to make in the coding for EMG-Zine (we're adding another column, yay!), and a scary amount yet to do for Torn World, and a major freelance project and some dayjob workstuff, and I've got bills to pay and EMG artist-pay to calculate (artists, please make sure your addresses, etc are current!). I also have some coding and purging to do at the Fantasy art shop - there are only 5 bars of soap left (Biting Pear) and not too much tea, I have to rattle some chains with the paperdolls book, and finish the EMG-Zine anthology. I wanted to have the beta for commission-control.com ready to go, too, but there's just too little time in the day. We'll look at next year once I've crossed a few things off of THIS list...

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