Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Thank heavens its only Tuesday. This week is going far too fast as it is.

I think my Christmas shopping is done. Maybe. (Pleasepleasepleaseletitbedonehateshatesshoppinghatesit.)

Was stark raving nuts to start Torn World.

'Oh, this will be easy! Just create a world, bang, and we're done and can go write stories in it!' And now we're defining rank colors and respect gestures, and there's a seven form education system that parallels with a five-level guild system and I'm finally figuring out the language vowel and consonant rules (we've got a complete language system with a huuuuge vocabulary list and too many rules and variations for me to completely understand), and I've got a whole bevy of new webpage improvements that are in progress to (hopefully!) keep things streamlined.

It's exciting and wonderful and only a teeny step below completely overwhelming.

It's my current escapism and I've got a ton of energy and excitement for it - though I am honestly looking forward to having more of the building blocks finished so I can move on to the (more) fun stuff of writing.

Headache now, which sprang on me rather suddenly following lunch. Out for the count and probably making no sense anyway.

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