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A moment with a raven.

Belly dance last night was under cold, crystal clear blue skies, the sun casting long shadows on crunchy golden leaves. It was nice to be outside, and a little sad to realize we were running out of autumn;  more leaves were on the grass than in the trees.

At one point, a raven flew overhead, calling.

I called back. 

In my arsenal of completely useless talents, I do an amazing range of raven calls, the proof of which is that this raven circled back and answered.

I chattered back, he protested and landed in a tree nearby. We held a lively conversation for almost the entire song, Kkrrrrak? Skwaaaa! Gaaaaakkk! Gronk! and he finally flew away. 

I'm not sure what he had to say to me, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't all flattering, but it was nice that he paused to talk. 

  Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1752020.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)

Month in Review: August. And September goals

Things I Did:

I published The Dragon Prince's Librarian, built an ARC team for Elva Birch, wrote the 20k on Gryphon of Glass that I wanted to (ending the month at 30k on that book), got accepted into a New Years anthology, wrote 1700 on that story, wrote 1700 onto the Firebird of Glass outline to make sure I didn't write myself into a corner with Gryphon, and laid out two more series that I'm not allowed to start until I finish two of the ones I have open. I also finished the Magical Pets Project: https://www.ellenmillion.com/magicpets.php

The DPL launch went fine...I have no expectations for my Elva titles, and it did just a little better in sales than the first book, though it didn't rank quite as high. It seems well received.

Thing to Do:

Finish Gryphon of Glass (38k now). An early October launch would be nice, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't. Tropical Tails goes up the 13th and I have ZERO expectations for this one - it's a collection of shorts that probably will appeal only to the core Shifting Sands fans. Not planning any advertising. After Gryphon of Glass, I have the Green Valley Christmoose Disaster to write, which should be a nice fluffy holiday break. I need to do paperbacks for DPL (done) and Tropical Tails, too (half done). I think that, given the school situation, I am going to give myself a 20k goal again - that should finish Gryphon and put a nice start on the Ex-mas book. Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1744250.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)

Magical Pets

We're up to $310 for this payment to the Food Bank and that makes me pretty darn happy! Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1741487.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)

The Dragon Prince's Librarian - release day!

Have you been waiting for a story about a gorgeous prince and a brave librarian who quote books at each other? A chronically ill heroine! A hero who washes dishes! Magic spells! Hot springs! PUPPIES! Add a dash of action and danger, and you've got an entertaining romp in an intriguing alternate world full of mystery where Alaska is ruled by a dragon-shifting monarchy...

Now available! Read for free with Kindle Unlimited!


I had SO much fun writing this book. Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1737897.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)

Pep talk

Collapse ) Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1736045.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)