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Notice of no notice!

Just a headsup to folks here at Livejournal still following on this platform - I am not currently able to cross-post and am likely to shut down this journal altogether. (Some of this choice is because of technical problems with the interface, some of it is a slow and disappointing loss of faith in Livejournal itself.) You can find me at - just let me know who you are over there and I will add you to the groups and filters you were in over here! <3

A Green Valley Christmoose Disaster!

 christmoose disaster cover

It’s the moosed wonderful time of the year!

Turner has a gym full of sugar-fueled kids and a big red suit to fill when Santa Claus fails to check in for the Green Valley Christmas Pageant dress rehearsal, but more disaster is on the program when he falls at the feet of his fated mate.

Linda Powell has come to Green Valley for a short visit, but nothing has gone as she’d planned and now there’s a ferocious dog trapped in her car. When she calls the fire department for help, a gorgeous Santa Claus shows up to save her and steals her heart instead.

Turner is determined to show Linda that Green Valley is where she belongs but first, he has to survive a Christmas dinner with Linda’s entire family and find the missing Santa Claus, all made much more complicated when he’s suddenly stuck as a moose! 

Return to the little town of Green Valley for Christmas mooseadventures in this hilarious holiday short shifter romance romp.

New to the series? The box set collection with the first three books of Green Valley Shifters is marked down for a limited time! 


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Kickstarter Update!

There’s only ONE WEEK left to claim your Shifting Sands Resort swag!! We’ve unlocked two styles of shirt, and we’re less than $120 from unlocking two more styles (or one style and a bar towel). Can we get v-neck tank tops? Or long-sleeved shirts? Or polo shirts? We’ve already hit stretch goal three and every pledge will get one free bookmark of their choice - including the $5 helper tier - get a signed postcard and a bookmark with free shipping anywhere in the world!

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A Writer's Process.

Write a book.
Edit a book.
Revise a book.
Edit the revised book.
Pay someone to edit the revised book.
Have someone ELSE edit the book.
Edit the book one last time oneself.
Publish the book.
Find typos.
Edit the typos.
Republish the book.
(two years later)
Republish the book in a printed collector's edition.
Open the printed collector's edition to immediately find a typo on page 12.

TRUE STORY. Originally posted at Dreamwidth: (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)


Wolf's Instinct release

I wrote this book straight from my heart, because I wanted a book just like this at the time.

It’s got good people who are great for each other, with a sweet happy ever after and a good helping of spice. It’s got just enough grit to ground it, just enough villain mustache-twirling to keep things interesting, a slight twist on the usual trope of fated mates, and a small town with secrets. It stars a swoon-worthy single dad and a capable young woman who levered herself out of a bad situation and has to learn to trust her heart again, and they’re honest and real with each other. And kids. It has adorable and hilarious shifter kids being adorable and hilarious and I could write all day about Gil the enthusiastic armadillo shifter pre-schooler who keeps forgetting his clothes, and Amy the fledgling owl toddler, and Tara the [spoiler], and Gabby with her love of blueberries.

This was my gentle-with-myself, write-what-I-want, just-for-me, ice-cream-straight-from-the-container escape after what had been a very long and hard year and I hope that you love it half as much as I do.

Originally posted at Dreamwidth: (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)

Release day: Abruptly a Bear!

Ever been in an argument you'd like to turn into a bear to get out of?

Anna fears her life is going nowhere fast. The neighbor is a jerk, the apartment is a wreck, the landlord won't fix things, all the food in the fridge is gone...and now her boyfriend Logan is a bear! Abruptly a Bear is a getting-back-to-good, happy-ever-after, hilarious romp of a novella. Now available in ebook and Kindle Unlimited!

Each installment in the Suddenly Shifters series is a satisfying standalone with humor and heart, all of them weaving together in an intriguing mystery in a little town where people are suddenly able to shift.

Originally posted at Dreamwidth: (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)

Suddenly Shifters - in ebook and audio!

Looking for a short escape with lots of humor and heart? Suddenly Shifters is a collection of novellas and shorts set in a town called Anders Canyon where ordinary people are suddenly faced with the extraordinary ability to turn into animals. And it doesn't always go smoothly...

Something in the Water: As a science fiction writer, Francis does a lot of strange research on the internet, but he’s not sure he’s ever had to look up “I can turn into a dog.” (originally published in New Year, New Boo, now out of print) Available in ebook, Kindle Unlimited, and audio:

Throw me a Bone: Throw Me a Bone is a short, hilarious, fade-to-black M/M shifter romance story in the Suddenly Shifters series. (Originally published in His Magical Pet charity anthology.) Available in ebook and audio:

Abruptly a Bear: Anna fears her life is going nowhere fast. The neighbor is a jerk, the apartment is a wreck, the landlord won't fix things, all the food in the fridge is gone...and now her boyfriend is a bear! Preorder the ebook: or read it at Vella: or read it episodically on Patreon - it ties up at the end of August!

Hare Today: Can two rivals with a sudden new shared shapeshifting secret turn their friendship into something more? A hilarious friends-to-lovers novella. It is available for a limited time in the charity anthology Furever Tails: Originally posted at Dreamwidth: (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)

Wednesdaily WIP

Interested in weekly wrap-ups about everything I'm working on?

Follow me at Patreon for Wednesday WIP posts:

Photography, artwork, and writing updates, in your inbox or at the Patreon site, every Wednesday. No pledge required! Originally posted at Dreamwidth: (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)

A Saturday

Yes, I wrote flamingos! Another 1000 words of ridiculousness. And it was the #SundaySnippet choice at my reader's group, so there will be a short snippet tomorrow that I will repost for non-Facebook people here.

I actually had a pretty good day, some bad news and terrible sales notwithstanding. I got to have lunch with [personal profile] sholio and write on her porch for a bit and it was so nice to socialize and the weather was SO beautiful. We also talked plotty things and I am pretty sure I'm ready to dive into Firebird in EARNEST on Monday. (Except, you know, for all the OTHER things I have to do on Monday.) The writing filter will have GOBS of spoilers for Firebird of Glass, just so you're warned, but I will always put them behind cuts.

Tomorrow is chatting and gaming and probably drawing. I think I will do a firebird bookmark if I do draw.

Daughter has now found and corralled 25 tribbles. "THERE CAN'T BE MORE! Mom, how many tribbles do you have? I know you are hiding them in your closet!" I can honestly deny that I am because they are not in my closet. "THEN WHERE ARE THEY FROM? AAAAHHHHHH THERE'S ANOTHER ONE IN MY DRAWER! HOW DID IT GET IN MY DRAWER?"

Bed now, my eyes are heavy. Originally posted at Dreamwidth: (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)

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    I feel it's a good idea to include such characters. For GNC to feel represented, and for the rest of us to get better used to the whole concept. It's the only way to get all the hating down, too much…
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