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[sticky post] Who is the nut behind the wheel?

Ellen Million: Artist, Writer, Project Enabler, Creative Force of Nature. And, Mom.


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2015 goals
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I finished my book on Sunday, after putting nose to grindstone and adding nearly 4000 words. There's always a bit of a hangover after that - I'm still sort of staggering around in a daze.

Yesterday was President's Day, and we went to Guppy's parent-student conference - she showed us the work she's been doing and we saw all the various places she goes and she led us through some of her routine and then melted down and did hysterical laps of the Kindergarten room giggling and trying to run away while I was telling her to put her socks and boots on.

Because parenting is one big bucket of non-stop awesome, you guys.

Today, we gutted her room. Or started to. I did half the closet and the game dresser thoroughly and a rough 'everything into a box, I don't even care' clean up of the rest. We generated several bags and boxes of things to donate... and you can hardly tell! We'll tackle it again after quiet time.

Client work is teeth-gnashingly frustrating, with key systems going down at the WORST possible times.

The most recently published not-a-book is noodling along nicely - ranging between the top 300 and top 500. Each book in the series has done successively better, and each time, series sales REALLY make the difference - the new book is only about a quarter of my total sales right now.

I did get my next cover mocked up today, as well.

Now, I'm going to have a cup of tea and try to be zen about all the many things I can't control.

...Like the snow storm with high winds and possibly RAIN that is galloping down on us.

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Saturdaily. Book rank. Plans.

Just over 1000 words written yesterday, and a sketch for a client. Also transferred hosting for another client, and had the serviceman in to look at my non-working burner-on indicator light. This is perhaps the first time EVER I've been able to use an extended warranty that I purchased. (It was a burnt out indicator light, something the serviceman had never actually seen in 24 years of servicing ranges. Part is on order.)

This weekend, I want to FINISH my not-a-book. I'm in the middle of the big showdown, then a little wrap up and a sweet epilogue.

Book is still in the top 500! It even briefly hit #2 in a few categories.

Writing now. Nose, meet grindstone.

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Thursflop with snow

Today was OMG snow.

I came home from Kindergarten dropoff and helped a client with email woes, then bundled up and went out into yon snow with the snowblower. In places, the snow to move was up over the cowling of the snowblower, and it was warmish and windy. I was frequently blind in the blowing snow, and ended up caked in ice.

Then I wrote 290 words and made phone calls, picked Guppy up from Kindergarten, lay down with a headache, and got up to do more of it.

I love where we live, but it has downsides.

My not-a-book is doing nicely - better than the last one, and I've got more backlist reaping the benefits on top of that. It crept briefly into the top 250, though it's slipped out now.

I think I will go to bed early...

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I went to the gym today and did half of my much neglected physical therapy routine. Next week, I hope to go TWICE and do it all.

After working out and showering, I sat in the cafe and wrote for a while - until the power went out and I sat around in the dark for a little while (technically, I was still able to work, but it was kind of... creepy) and then went and got sushi takeout to eat with Jake at the end of town that still had power. We've gotten quite a lot of snow the past few days it's been very warm, heavy snow.

The end of this not-a-book is in sight. I've got the big show-down and resolution just started, and a sweet epilogue to write, then I think there's a half-written scene to go back and finish, and I want to shoe-horn in a dance-lesson scene somewhere. I'm almost at 35k, so this is already longer than the last two books. (That's excellent - longer books mean more kindle read pages!)

The last published not-a-book is strolling along towards the top 1000 Kindle books right now, with a staggered promotional release - the largest bump will come tomorrow. It should fall after that, and, fingers crossed, then rebound higher as it gets into also-boughts and features in the magic of Amazon algorithms.

I'm so behind on emails and replies, sorry - this is the end of book slog and I'm slowly getting caught up on some of the other to-do items, so those will happen, too.

Happy Valentine's Day! Whatever kind of love you choose to celebrate, may your heart be full.

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Weekend Recap

I did taxes! (waves a little flag)

We also did home improvements, finally installing a handtowel rack in the bathroom because up until now people have to bring their drippy hands into the kitchen to dry them off, which is... seriously not a good hostess move. We also replaced the crooked toilet paper holder, installed a door hook, and fixed the door so it actually closes without wrestling it into place.

Aaaaand, I launched a new not-a-book. The usual rules apply - if you'd like to read it, swear to secrecy and I'll PM you information.

This week I plan to:

Write 500 words/day (1251 today so far)
Edit the next not-a-book
Draw 4 coloring book pages for a client
Promotion for new not-a-book
Obsessively refresh stats for not-a-book
Party planning

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I want to get back in the habit of blogging... so we'll start with a list. Then work up to random musing. Maybe even some interesting stories soon. A photo? New artwork? These things could happen...

*Facebook ad designed for book launch next week.
*Taxes - worked on. With a hammer.
*78Tarot Artwork finished!!! Also scanned, stitched and delivered.
*Some freelance emails.
*122 words on book 6.

And for tomorrow:

*Birthday party planning (DREAD)
*Pay bills
*ENT appointment
*Freelance job thingy
*More hammering on taxes
*Selfies for 78Tarot
*Grocery shopping
*500 words

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I'm back!

I snuck away for most of January to recharge my solar cells.

The family and I went to Hawaii, where we learned to hula, did a lot of swimming and jungle hiking, relaxed, read books, played games, and ate wonderful food.
I also wrote 15k words while I was on 'vacation' (at least in part to see if I could) and did no artwork (though I did take a LOT of pictures).

Then we came home, where it was 95 degrees colder, and spent three days clearing the driveway.

I am back and feeling ready to go again, and will be tackling a whole pile of exciting projects, including finishing my current not-a-book, finishing my tarot card for 78Tarot, upgrading my sites to be more mobile friendly and easier to shop at, an illustration project in non-disclosure, and a personal writing project. I've got a not-a-book coming out in just a few weeks, and another on the schedule for the month after that. I also have enough work for a new coloring book, so that's stewing away in my brain, too!

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October Roundup

A roundup of monthly accomplishments!


5 pieces for Sketch Fest: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestartist.php?id=9&page=2&date=92

I won #inktober!

Several big, complicated pieces, and a few easier or rougher ones. The last one was really phoned in, but I was so not going to give up when I was that close.

I officially released only a few of these - more would be released in November with the coloring book, and some of them are still on hold pending publication.


I finished a book! This was the fastest (to date) that I'd completed a book, wrapping up in 6 weeks. I wrote 11k of those words in October.


So. Many. Playdates.
There were many small personal upheavals and minor dumpster fires.
And no snow to speak of, which is very weird for us.

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Happy Solstice

Solstice matters here.

Today is the shortest day of our year, less than 4 hours of daylight. The sun will only ever get 2 degrees above the horizon. Tomorrow, we will get a paltry 15 seconds more of daylight.

Right now, it is blue, and where the light hits, there is a brilliant golden or pink edge to the snow. We got about 5 inches of warm, wet snow over the last day or two, so everything looks beautifully wintery and festive.

We've got a tree, one of the prettiest we've had, and we hung Christmas lights on our woodshed, and it's terribly cheerful. I've got Pandora playing holiday classics. We have no real plans for the holiday, other than hunkering down and sleeping in. That suits me just fine.

Whatever your plans, wherever you are, whichever holidays you are celebrating, may your time be full of love and light.

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