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Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

I hope your day was full of love and good food, no matter what you were (or weren't) celebrating.

We had a very mellow thanksgiving - just the three of us, with lots of football, and a very simple dinner of ham, green bean casserole, and brownie sundaes. Yum!

New artwork at Torn World, the grey bat. (He was originally going to be a ghost bat, but he just didn't end up fuzzy enough.)

Working on restocking Amazon fulfilled, and answering old emails (inbox: 326, down from over 500 earlier this week!). I also have two wholesale orders to pack up, but that's all down in the cold basement, and Guppy is about to be roused from her nap, and I want to haul her outside in the last of our daylight.



I am finally feeling human again!

Mostly, anyway.

I still have limited hearing in my left ear where I perforated my eardrum, but the phlegm in my head and chest turned into rubber cement yesterday, and is essentially gone this morning. The ear pain and the chest pain when breathing deeply is gone; I got the best sleep last night that I've enjoyed in probably three weeks. I did manage to hurt my back badly Monday because I overestimated my energy and strength and thought I could do outdoor chores at full speed again. Ah, no. That proved to require an emergency walk-in with my chiropractor on Tuesday, but it is much improved today, and I am able to do gentle indoor chores again. We will go outside to play in the heaps of new snow that we have today, but I will not attempt to shovel or chop wood. I promise.

I keep repeating to myself that I am not a failure for missing so much work time. I had things I really wanted to have in place before Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday, that just aren't going to happen now because it is already the day before Thanksgiving somehow, and I just wasn't up for making them happen any earlier. Beating myself over missed opportunities is unproductive.

I did (belatedly!) get the Patreon perk up, and listed the new coloring books at Amazon.

Portrait Adoption has been updated this week, too: http://portraitadoption.com/

Here's some artwork from #inktober that I hadn't posted here yet...

Off to catch up now!


Still alive, barely!

Took a turn for the worse on Friday (both eyes infected, and both ears, perforated eardrum, nasty cough), but had my wonderful husband to nurse me through the weekend and take me to first care Sunday afternoon when it became apparent that 48 hours on antibiotics was not helping.

Turned the corner last night, got the first really good sleep I've gotten in days, and today I was able to rally and wash dishes, and get orders out, and do laundry. I still need to vacuum and scoop the catbox, and I can tell I'm not up to steam, but this is big progress.

Guppy and husband are now showing early signs of the same thing, so I'm concentrating on getting back to full strength so I can take care of them! Artwork and photos and other fun things will resume in the near future.


Sick report


I am horribly ill, sorry for any delays and silences. I lost my voice Tuesday afternoon, but continued to slog along. Wednesday night, my ears started hurting dreadfully. I had a doctor's appointment for Thursday anyway, and she said I probably didn't have an infection yet, but prescribed an antibiotic I could get filled if things changed - which they did. My eye is beet red and oozing green goo, nearly swollen shut, my right ear is far worse than it was, and I feel like refrigerated death. (That's worse that warmed over death, FYI.) On the plus, I am starting to cough more productively, so maybe I will be able to speak again. ("My Mom's voice is BROKEN!" Guppy reported to her preschool teacher.)

Sketch Fest is set up to slog along on its own, though I will check back just after noon to make sure I haven't fudged anything up in my haze of misery. http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

My prince of a husband will be bringing me the antibiotics and various things to get me through, and I anticipate a day of mindless television with the Guppy.

A hot shower is indicated, and I can finally take more medicine. Those last few hours as they wear off and I can't take more yet are pretty brutal. I was up between 12-2:30 this morning counting the minutes.


Tuesdaily with new artwork and updating

I'm feeling significantly better this morning. SO much better. No more chills or aches, just a little minor post-nasal drip and accompanying sore throat, easily held at bay with warm drinks and cold medicine. Dropped child at preschool for a few free hours to do my Kickstarter countdown. (Ee!) We made the second stretch goal, and I'm not sure if anything else will happen in our last less-than-an-hour, but I'm satisfied with the project as a whole.

There's a new portrait up for adoption:

Slowly unpacking the car and figuring out the finances. I sold 28 of my ornaments, which is nearly half, and not at all too shabby! I will take some good photos and offer what's left here and on Facebook. I may put some on Etsy and/or take requests, but only after I ship some and see how much of a hassle that part is.

I have a first round of edits back on my novella that I want to tackle post-haste... it's not a Christmas story, exactly, but it is set in winter, so it would be good to have out for the holidays.

Final minutes of the Kickstarter! One more under my belt!

It's the final countdown! (Kickstarter!)


Less than 1 hour left! If you've been on the fence, decide now!

This is a very rare chance at a commission by yours truly, and an equally rare opportunity for PDF files of my coloring books. Sign up now and help us get to one last stretch goal!

Am ill.

Not sure what I have - it may be simply exhaustion. There's a mild post-nasal drip (with occasional cough) and infrequent body aches, and a whole lot of 'can't muster the energy' and CHILLS. Seriously, I cannot get warm. I have gone (somewhat) easy on myself today and have given myself permission to get those orders out tomorrow (66 coloring books! Woo!), and tried to take a nap, but the Guppy resisted her nap for 2 hours, so I was too wound up by the time she actually dropped off.

Kickstarter ends sooooon! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/monthly-fantasy-coloring-books-for-adults

Updated my coloring book page with the new titles so that if anyone uses one of half-gazillion postcards I passed out, they can find what they saw at the show: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbooks.php

Drinking all the water and tea in the world, and getting ready to slice up potatoes for an au gratin.

I have to go put on more hats and maybe my down coat and a scarf now.

Brief weekend recap

My studio looks like it's been through an Earthquake, it appears that my house survived a hurricane while I was away, all of my show stuff is still packed in my car, my throat is scratchy from an unusual amount of talking (I really hope it's nothing worse than that), I am behind on emails and notes and have a gazillion Kickstarter and coloring book related things to do, I have purple bruises on my legs where I rest boxes as I'm carrying them around, and I'd be really happy not to see any people for a week.

That said,


The short version:

*Layla's an awesome booth babe/compatriot.
*New coloring books were printed in time.
*Ornaments were a hit.
*Wildflowers coloring book was a hit. (Have retailer interest as well!)
*Got to UWA and found someone set up at my table - with a slip that had the same table number as me. Everything was straightened out in short order and worked out great.
*PopCon was great geeky fun.
*I painted my first panda.
*People remembered me.
*Two shows in one weekend is hard.
*I'm tired.

Less than 48 hours left on the Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/monthly-fantasy-coloring-books-for-adults

Kickstarter Update

The Kickstarter ends on Tuesday!


We've achieved one stretch goal, which will be an exclusive piece of mini artwork in the first month's subscription. I hope we get to the second, which will be a greeting card. Print subscriptions will get a tangible card to color. :)

And, since we are funded, I am taking subscription purchases OFF Kickstarter, for those of you who don't have or want accounts. Just let me know which reward tier you are interested in, and I will send an invoice you can pay with Paypal or credit card. I will also be taking payments for subscriptions at the shows this weekend!

Please do share the project... and let people know if that's a gift that you'd be interested in receiving. :P

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