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Ellen Million: Artist, Writer, Project Enabler, Creative Force of Nature. And, Mom.


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Just back from dropping Velcro off at the vet's. When I told Guppy we were going to the doctor for the kitty, she said, very solemnly, "Yeah. Because the kitty has to have more bandaids." She thought about it a little and then added. "Maybe they have ice cream for Kitty!" (Her last visit to the doctor ended with a popsicle, which left a very favorable impression.)

[Velcro's off her food and and incubating a large stuck poop - it has to be manually removed, and we're checking kidney and liver levels while she's there. *throws money in the air like confetti.*]

Aren't those the darlingest gloves?

We did storytime this morning, and it was half-successful. She bolted around for the first half, loudly announced that she was done with storytime, and then, miraculously, spent the second half snuggled in my lap watching raptly. She charmed people at the post office on the way home - everyone loves her Anna hat and she was also wearing her purple Batman/Anna cape and velvety red boots with white pompoms and she cavorted shamelessly.

Filling Kickstarter orders now. Not many - I haven't got the brains for it - but a few every day will get it done in good time.
cat in hat
It suddenly occurred to me that there is a Sketch Fest THIS Friday! Woah! How has time passed this quickly?

Today's update will be brief - we're about to go play outside.

She's so constantly in motion, it's hard to keep her in focus...

New INKtober pieces! I'm caught up through today and have just three to go to make it!

Both available.
Number 1 Dog Ribbon
It was a lovely weekend. We took it easy, and I got a tremendous amount of Kickstarter work accomplished, did a handful of artwork, and have nearly finished How I Met Your Mother. A grand Duplo tower was built, Jake made the Best Soup Ever, and managed to top that by then making the Best Casserole Ever. I am salivating over the leftovers I get to enjoy this week.

Let's start with art:

These are pieces 22-24 (For sale, $15 each).

#25 - a rather random scrolly thing. (For sale, $10)

This is the Moon for my Sketch Tarot project. SOLD

I'm currently caught up on INKtober! I haven't done today's yet, but it's looking likely I'll ACTUALLY do this!

And in the theme of art:

Coloring books are going out! I've got the first 10(?) packages out! I have to pick up boxes at the post office today, and figure out how on earth to hold someone's hand while I get THESE boxes into the post office. (As shy as she is, Guppy's a bolter - I don't dare let go in a parking lot.)

And in the theme of Guppy:

With my good camera. I have about a dozen awesome photos from this shoot, but will you spare you.

All for now! Much to do!
Guppy and I are just getting over being sick; I expect that today will involve lots of cuddles and TV and chicken soup, and I'm behind on daily posting and #INKtober.

-- woah! Earthquake while I was writing this. We had one on Monday, too - a 5.2 that rattled things pretty good. Guppy slept through this one, but I'm WIDE AWAKE NOW. It was long enough that I had time to put my laptop away and head toward her room before things stopped shaking. Looks like they're reporting a 5.1, about 35 miles away! Exciting!

I do have two new INKtober pieces that I did on Monday:

ACEO, for sale $25

ACEO, for sale $15

Being sick has me behind again, but only by two days. I can still do this!

Someone loveslovesloves her new Anna hat:

I got the hat from Etsy - this link goes to the one I got. The seller is temporarily shut down in order to get everything done for their Halloween orders, but you should check out their other hats when they're back.

Coloring books are ready to pick up! It will probably be tomorrow though - I am feeling SO much better, but I think another day of taking it easy is wise.
let down hair
Today did not go as planned. Let's just leave it at: no nap was taken, and nothing got done.

It did not help that I thought Guppy was FINALLY down to nap when we got a good rattle of an earthquake (5.18, I later discovered). She was VERY alarmed. "The chimney!" she told me, when I came in to get her. "It WIGGLED." (I suspect it was the cage around the chimney, but close enough.)

She had excellent little meltdowns before, during, and after her bath, and fortunately fell asleep as soon as I put her down to bed and covered her with pink blanket.

The cat throwing up was pretty much the high point of the day, otherwise.

The art show on Friday was great fun. I sold about as much as I would have at a small one-day bazaar show; no originals, but a good selection of coloring books and cards. (I did briefly think I might sell the original of Journey - it got a lot of comments, and one individual I talked to extensively about it came back and looked it over closely several times - they even commented that the price I was asking was really good and that they wanted it. But, no go!) I got to hang out with fellow geeks - including some storm troopers and a very tiny, entertaining wookie - and it was, in all, a lovely evening.

Unfortunately, I wore boots with slight heels, and my back was... not quite sore, but definitely not PLEASED with me... for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, I got caught up on a number of fiddly things - post-Kickstarter add-ons, emails (inbox from about 250, to about 150!), programming. I worked on some client things, fixed the Sketch Fest site a tad (products now expire and renew correctly, managing products is a little easier), debugged a few things at the Lilypad, and updated the Coloring Books ordering page. That's now entirely automated through the lilypad, which is nice, and I got all the new books set up for automated royalties, which I got entirely done. Woot! $802 paid in royalties paid out today, which feels simply LOVELY.

I also got a poem that's been bobbling around in my head finished and submitted to Torn World.

Sunday was gaming and I caught up on INKtober (though, having done nothing today, I am now behind again...) and ate a lot of delicious food.

Today, we aren't talking about.

Here's a photo of my little proto-Geek playing with my gaming dice:

Now, I'm going to find something mindless to watch on Netflix and work on a piece of artwork I have due. Maybe with some alcoholic cider, because it's been A DAY.


#INKtober Art Dump

Number 1 Dog Ribbon
I caught up yesterday! I don't expect that to last, because I've burned through the most finished of my small portable sketches, and working on bigger things has proved problematic. ("I wanna help! Lemme seeeeee!")

This is my favorite of Sunday's inks:

Heart of the Crystal. From Sketch Fest #44, prompted by Afke. For sale: $25

Foxflexion. From Sketch Fest #43, also prompted by Afke. For sale: $25

The rest behind this cut to save your friendslist...Collapse )

The other two I did will go up at Torn World - I'll post them here when they are approved to the site!

Art Show - tomorrow!

Locals! I have an art show tomorrow evening!

It is at the Grange Hall in North Pole. To get there, take the North Pole Badger Road exit, take a right on Santa Claus lane, navigate the roundabout to continue down Santa Claus Lane, turn right on Snowman Lane. This comes to a plus intersection that may give you pause - that is not a goat track straight ahead after the stopsign, that's Grange Road - there is a sign! (Seriously, I pulled over twice and checked Google maps because it was a one-lane snow machine track between a chainlink fence and a railroad track. Follow this to the Grange Hall, tucked away around a corner in the trees. There should be signs!

The show is between 5 and 9. There are several other artists showing, all in the theme of fantasy, science fiction, and comics. The following night, there is a costumed danceparty, with prizes. (If anyone would like a ticket, I have one to give away - I will bring it tomorrow night!)
Sketch Fest
Just a few more hours left in our bonus Sketch Fest!

This is to celebrate my business reaching its 21st birthday. I started the business before I could vote, and now it's old enough to drink!

I've got two ROUGH ROUGH sketches done, but may have a chance to squeeze another in.

In anniversary celebration, and because I've received so many requests, I am extending the Kickstarter specials to Monday morning - if you missed the Kickstarter opportunity, or are SO amazed by your PDFs that you want to add more, or you want to upgrade to printed copies of more coloring books, you CAN! Just have a look at the reward options and message or email me with your requests:

I got some programming done last night and this morning - I'm automating the coloring book page rather more than it has been, and I did a lot of upgrading of the lilypad admin end of things, so that paying royalties (over $800, you guys! That is AWESOME!) is up-to-date and seamless.

Today: laundry, cookies, Phineas and Ferb, playing outside, and milkshakes.

INKtober #12:
Number 1 Dog Ribbon
ALL the PDFs for my Kickstarter are sent. It went much more smoothly than I expected.

I also drew for a while with Guppy:

She's further along with INKtober now than I am, I think:

These are my results from today, numbers 10 and 11:

(For sale, $25)

(For sale, $20)

We also got out and played in the snow for a while, and there was a trip to the connex for the last few items for my art show. Then, a big lunch, and now a nap. (For her, not me. I'm not so lucky! :P)

There's a bonus EMG Birthday bash Sketch Fest - TOMORROW! It's only 24 hours, but should be fun.

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