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2013 goals (6 month review)
Chopping Block of 2010 - an interesting snapshot at all of my projects of that time, including several that did not survive the cull.

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Tuesdaily with Cranky Monster

Cranky Monster woke up early this morning and dozed for about two minutes on the way home from the Children's Museum (and shopping and Post Office) and has been trying to convince me for an hour that putting her in her crib with the lights out is some kind of Terrible Cruelty. I caved and got her up, and she's now alternating wildly between hugging me tearfully and asking: "Take a nap?" and running away giggling and assuring me, "NO NAP. PLAY." I'm going to try to get some food in her and convince her that the first really is preferable.

ETA: After feeding her, and having her bowl (- my FAVORITE of her bowls! It was a guppy! -) thrown on the floor and BROKEN (and she then hurled the spoon after me as I was throwing it all away), she has been put back in her crib and is now howling at the top of her lungs.

I need to retool this icon to have a cackling baby instead of a sword on the fallen king...

My inbox is at 47, but I haven't done a comprehensive spam sweep yet today, so that's unrealistically grim.

Have you put in some prompts at our Torn World Muse Fusion? You could win prizes, even just for prompting! And it would make my day! You can send me prompts via email, PM, etc.:

ETA: Cries fading, but there is still kicking from upstairs.

I am hoping to get some artwork done if the nap ever happens, but there is much to do. It has been really, super warm - it's almost 50 right now, and our driveway is on the verge of breaking out of its snow cover. It's cloudy, today, but the last few days have been super sparkly.

Yes! There are still rocks underneath the snow somewhere!!

ETA: BLISSFUL SILENCE. Off to do stuff, while I can.

Mondaily with sooooore.

cat in hat
Inbox: 10

I've opened the Torn World Muse Fusion, come leave prompts!

I also posted an article on Kickstarter Clues:

This weekend was busy - we got some work done around the house, and in particular, replaced the kitchen faucet. The installation of the new one was the easy part - ripping out the old one was a SERIOUS pain. Our sink is a little deeper than usual, so it's harder to get to the fittings than it should be, and they were STUCK. We finally ended up demolishing the faucet in place to get it out. The new one is LOVELY, and doesn't leak all around the faucet like the old one did. Which means the water pressure doesn't drop after its been sitting a while, and the water comes on promptly when the handle is lifted, instead of spitting like an asthmatic camel for a few moments first.

However, contorting around in the cabinet under the sink has left me brutally sore this morning. I think I twisted something, but can't decide where it hurts most: my hips, my back, my shoulder, or my neck. I've also got a new special foam pillow that I'm not convinced is right for me, so it's hard to know how much of my pain this morning is due to that.

*hobbles around after the toddler*

Kickstarter Clues

ellen with wrench

I "accidentally" funded four coloring books through Kickstarter last May.

I've been running a very small art business for the last 20 years, and one of my best-selling products has been coloring books, mostly aimed at grown-ups. I printed a solo coloring book in 2005 called Dotminatrix, and I had finally gotten enough work together for a second solo book.

Unfortunately, the company I used to print with changed their cover format to a really thin stock that I was utterly dissatisfied with. I found a local printing company that could do what I wanted, but to get the pricing down to something I could afford to sell wholesale, I'd need to buy at least fifty at a time - 100 was much better.

Did I mention I was a really small art business? I usually ordered 25 or 30 of a title to start with, then got 10 or so more at a time as I needed to. This was a gulp-worthy investment! I figured this was a good test of the Kickstarter site; it was a safe way to see if there were enough people interested in the coloring book to make it worth a purchase like that, and it saved me the hassle of having to store a whole bunch of books I didn't sell.

So, I set up a very modest little 30 day campaign for $385, which would just cover a run of 50 coloring books after expenses and fees. To my astonishment, my Kickstarter ended at $4735, which was a little over 12x my goal, and I ended up promising four coloring books, instead of just one! One great campaign hardly makes me an expert on the system, but I learned a lot at every step of the way, and I've had the good fortune to watch several friends run their own successful campaigns. I'm very happy to share my observations with you and hope that they help if you decide to run your own. Read more...Collapse )

Did you find this useful? Would you like to see a followup article? Comment or donate to keep content like this coming!

Fridaily with Oops.

elsa's tongue
A busy few days - forgot to blog yesterday. Oops.

Inbox: 18. Oops.

Had a massage appointment scheduled for Wednesday, which I went to... and found that I was actually scheduled for Tuesday. Oops.

Fed Guppy a longish piece of celery with peanut butter because she's been very good about chewing and such. Considered it a success, until I was cleaning her up after breakfast and she gagged on a string and threw up on me. Oops.

She seemed to think it was quite fun, but we will be doing chopped up celery only.

Lost a pea. Oops.

Lots to do today. Have misplaced my self-confidence somewhere. Oops.



Inbox: 11 (Uh-oh!)

A highly productive morning. I got the catbox scooped and the bathroom cleaned, taxes scanned, laundry folded, wood chopped and brought inside, fire started, vacuumed the house, fed the baby, pilled and fed the dog, showered, wrote about 800 words and FINISHED a story (YAY!), and made breakfast. Not exactly in that order. I still have a pile of dishes to do, and bread to make, and programming, and various administratae. And I have to figure out an alternative for dinner, because it's too cold to grill the meat I have thawed.

I am QUITE chuffed with myself for making a chicken pot pie last night - entirely from scratch, including the crust. And it was GOOD. A little too low on salt (used unsalted butter AND halved the salt from the recipe, which was too much of a cut), but that's easy to fix at the table, at least.

Glanced at the Heartbleed bug news and checked my own sites, all my client sites, and important sites I use: all clean and secure! Whew!

A photo from Monday.

I should turn in my Tough Alaskan card, because I am SUPER whiny about the fact that it's 4 degrees and feel like that's too cold to do much but stay inside in front of the fire.


ellen with wrench
Inbox: 8

Next week is the Torn World Muse Fusion - and it's a little different than usual. It will run a full week, and we're using a bingo structure with prizes to draw in a little more participation. See the details:

The weekend after that is Sketch Fest #50. I am collecting category suggestions (such as: Best Prompt, Most Improved Artist) and prize donations! It won't be fun unless I get some prizes and ideas! The FB discussion is here:

Jump in!

Where's the Guppy? Where's the Guppy??

Colder today - close to zero, and a little windy. I've got a fire going, and Frozen is currently entertaining the baby (Lazy Mom is Lazy). I'm going to try to get a little writing done, then I've got a catbox to scoop, laundry to move, more wood to get, programming to attempt, and a shirt to iron.
Inbox: 7

April usually manages to psych us out... the last week has been gloriously sunny. The snow sunk considerably, and there were even rocks showing in places on the driveway! It felt like spring! Things actually melted! Surely, summer was just around the corner!

And this morning there were close to 6 inches of snow over everything, and it won't be above freezing for a few days. *sigh*

It is, however, gorgeous. Guppy and I will go out and play in it later, but for now, it's nice to stay inside watching Batman.

I got a little more work done on my Sea Monster project this weekend, and I got my tarot card ready to ink:

Any comments before I start inking would be welcome!

Inbox Report

Number 1 Dog Ribbon
Inbox: ONE. ONE!!! And it is just a reminder of artwork that I have to do for someone.

Oh, yeah.

I think I deserve a treat for that. Hmm...


Inbox: 15 6

In lieu of interesting news, have a short, sweet story from Torn World: A Good Start.

Programming and stuff while I can. Hopefully some art progress later.

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