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Drive-by update... with a sea monster

I have been scarce! I will be scarcer until next week! All is good, but very, very busy. I will have artwork and stories and photos... when I have moments to spare to put them all in cohesive order.

This is from last year's sea monster month, now posted at Torn World:

Today's list:

Stupid Red Tape (insurance verification)
Amazon fulfillment. That tower of boxes I sent a few months ago? Almost all gone! O.o
Painting with Guppy
Scan Dragon's Hoard
Layout Serenitrix
Take a walk

Folks on Facebook (or elsewhere, I dunno!) are doing a meme called #artvsartist - the idea of which is to show that artists draw themselves. I could have skewed this the other way if I'd tried - I do make an effort to deliberately draw other face types sometimes. This one is almost cheating, because two of these are self-portraits.

In other news, it's COLD. It was in the high 70s last week and we got seriously spoiled. Last night was near freezing. My garden is weathering it, though, and I thrilled to report that my strawberries survived! My delphiniums are spreading, the violas reseeded, and a tarragon plant, of all things, came back from its roots. The violets are threatening to take over everything, and the chives have already given us a half-dozen omelets. My (not-wild) roses are covered in leafbuds, and my baby trees are putting out actual branches this year. A few of the lilacs are still alive - I need to go weed out some of the (wild) roses that want to take over the area.

I've taken up a bellydance not-class again, and it's very, very good for me - both to get out of the house sans child and see grown-ups, and to give these muscles some use. Bellydance uses different muscle groups than hugging and cleaning up messes and carrying Guppy-whose-legs-suddenly-won't-work.

This week! Now recovering.

It's been a tough week. I did bad, awful things to my back over the past few weekends and gave myself several migraines throughout the week. When ignoring the problem did no good, I finally gave up and went to get a massage and adjustment with the chiropractor on Friday. Now I feel greatly meat-tenderized and walk very gingerly, but my headache is finally gone, and I feel like my whole skeleton is much happier. I can do pain-free over-the-shoulder checks again when driving.

With great pain comes great grumpiness, and I have been very poor company all week - when I haven't been huddled on the couch with icepacks on my eyes trying to be no company at all.

It hasn't helped that we are breaking world records with our birch pollen counts. I'm not particularly allergic, but when a high count is in the 90s and we're in the 4000s, it does cause some discomfort. It's down on the official count now (750), but I live up in the hills and we're a little behind the valley seasonally, so I suspect ours is still very high. I left the kitchen window open an inch or two this morning and the dishes in my drainer were coated with pollen. Ugh.

Hornets are out, too! I set out traps three days ago and dumped out about 20 yellow jackets and 20 bald-faced hornets out of one trap this morning. Die! Die!

Have a coloring sampler page! This is from my very own From The Deep coloring book. Download the high res here: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbook.php?id=60

May is Sea Monster Month!

I have new artwork up!

I did this last year for the From the Deep coloring book, but this is the first time I've officially released it.

I made a marvelous, if slightly complex crowdfunding project for the painting I want to do for this year's sea monster month, with points and prizes and stretch goals, but... oof. I'm tired! I feel like I just squeezed everyone for funds for coloring books, and I've got a lot to do right now. So, instead of doing a big crowdfunding project for it, I'm just going to do a painting, all for fun. Patreon patrons get to help me decide what it will be, and that's the extent of the participation portion. I'll have prints available at the end, and maybe an original!

It will be one of these pieces, and that's all I know so far:

In other painting news:

Locals! I have a heat press I'm selling - PM or email if you'd like details!
I took Friday OFF. The Kickstarter ended at 4 PM on Thursday, and I sort of flopped on the floor and drooled on myself for a while. I didn't push myself on Friday in the slightest. I didn't update anything, answered a few emails and messages if I felt like it, went to the park and sat in the sun doing nothing while Guppy played with her friend, and read some fun things. I even got a babysitter, and Jake and went out to see a movie and have dinner.

We saw 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was WONDERFUL. I really enjoyed it. It was creepy as all get out, kept the twists coming, I found the end very satisfying, and John Goodman scares the hell out of me. We came home, put Guppy to bed, and watched two episodes of Game of Thrones.

I was super reluctant to start this series - I read the first book and was thoroughly unimpressed: I didn't like any characters, and found it too scattered and dragging. The HBO series, despite my desire NOT to like it, has thoroughly hooked me. We're a few episodes into season 2.

Today was a very rewarding day - we worked on clearing out the connex box, and got rid of several boxes and bags of things (some straight to the trash, more for the transfer [reuse] station), cleared up more room, assembled some chairs and a table for Guppy's room, and moved a filing cabinet into the garage. It took several hours, and I may have hurt my back, but the connex box is SIGNIFICANTLY more useable, Guppy has a table to use in her room, the filing cabinet will be more useful where it is, and we can begin to tackle the basement in preparation for the many, many boxes of coloring books I will be getting soon!

This, I should add, is on top of the entire car load of things I donated to a preschool rummage sale last week, and a trip to the trash last weekend, too. It is astonishing how much STUFF you collect, and how easy it is to hold on to things you don't need. It has been a hard purge at times, but the result is SO lovely and refreshing.

I'm going to go watch Batman now, and eat tasty burritos.

The final hour!!

It's the final hour! I'm a wreck!

We've funded the AlphaBestiary! We are less than $350 from funding reprints of Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy Horses... with a fabulous NEW color cover:

So very nearly the end!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/more-fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-up

I have chocolate and fine German Lambic prepped for celebration.

ZOMG Wednesdaily

Thank GOODNESS tomorrow is the last day of this Kickstarter, because my nerves are shot. We funded Fairies and Friends this morning, and we're less than $350 from the AlphaBestiary! I am putting up Dragons, Fairies, and Fantasy Horses Vol 2 reprints as the stretch goal after that, and refreshing my email every few moments.


And, as promised, a REAL release of Tentacle Friends. I have a color version as well, but my Photoshop file is corrupt (?!), so I'm going to have to re-scan. That shall wait. The original is listed at $300, which means it's a crazy cheap $150 until tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM (Alaska Time). Or you COULD win her by sharing my Kickstarter before noon tomorrow on social media. See this post for details: https://www.facebook.com/events/626040467572232/permalink/626922660817346/

Guppy is begging me to take her on a walk, so we're going to go hit the trails for a little bit with Norway.


I have finished my novella! There are some decidedly rough bits that I need to go over with sandpaper, but the rough draft is DONE. It clocked in at 28.5K, and that's the second-longest thing I've written. (Oo, wait, maybe third. Rails is 50K+, but since that was a series of short stories, it doesn't feel the same.)

Serenitrix funded on Kickstarter! And we're already almost halfway less than $190 to the next coloring books, Samantha's Fairies and Friends. And the next one has been revealed!

Quirky, clockwork, alphabet animals, by Tallulah Cunningham! (Yes, Jenny, that is N is for Numbat)

I? Am tired. And excited! But mostly tired right now (I have a headache. :(). There are just two more days of Kickstarter left, and then I can shut up about it forever and stop stressing about funding all the books. :P

April 2016 Roundup

Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos!


I did two sketches at Sketch Fest, for a new fabulous NSS (not so secret) project.

I finished and soft-released Tentacle Friends, as the cover to Serenitrix:

(I just realized I haven't actually released the artwork in any other form yet - I'll do that tomorrow!)

I officially released 5 of Wands:

I wrote a description of it, too: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1568168.html

I released Maiden, Mother, Crone:

and finished and released Rose Angel:

I finished and released Vetch Dragon (though technically he is a wyvern...):


I wrote 12k words on my novella. O.o It's only two middle half-scenes from being finished. My previous novella continued to make non-insignificant amounts of money, too!

Other Things:

I got my business approved for Made in Alaska!

I got my coloring books into a new shop downtown.

I launched a Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/more-fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-up

I made and released four sampler pages: Wildflowers of Alaska, Garden Sprites, Fishtank Fantasies, and Equine Enchantment.

I went three days (just prior to my Kickstarter launch) without Internet at home. VERY VERY STRESSFUL.

I co-hosted a coloring tea party that was a great success and wonderful fun.

I took the Christmas tree to the dump.

My favorite Guppy photo: http://hotlink.ellenmilliongraphics.com/ellen/baby/trikefun.JPG

Is it any wonder I am ready for a nap?!

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