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Ellen Million: Artist, Writer, Project Enabler, Creative Force of Nature. And, Mom.


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Mondaily with many things...

You have until today at noon when I get back from errands to enter the giveaway for a free coloring book! We're SO CLOSE to getting 500 likes on the EMG page, at which point, I'll draw a second winner, too! http://www.facebook.com/150242701678979/photos/pb.150242701678979.-2207520000.1438625520./884419354927973/

Friday, between 5-8, I will be at Alaskana Raven in the Coop mall selling my coloring books and some small pieces of artwork as part of First Friday. Come for snacks! See me as a bonus!

Got some writing done finally. The piano is off to its new home. I have a small pile of orders ready to get out. I am ridiculously pleased with the artwork I'm working on right now.

We've been feeling enough better to go for walks, and the weather and season have provided a plethora of mushrooms to find.

Glee at finding some new mushrooms.

Little girl in big woods.

Off to do some paperwork and errands...

Fridaily, catching up after being ill.

I am recovered, mostly. I still have a bit of an upper chest tickle, and Guppy sounds like she's got a cotton balls in both nostrils when she talks, but we're both nearly up to full energy.

Launched a giveaway at the EMG Facebook page - comment there to win a coloring book of your choice! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ellen-Million-Graphics/150242701678979

Plugging away at various pieces of artwork that aren't going as quickly as I'd like. I can't show you any of them yet! I'm disappointed to realize that today is the last day of the month already. Where did July GO? I haven't written a word in over a week now, largely because I cancelled my childcare so I didn't infect them... I am pleased that I have kept up on every order that's come in. It's particularly lovely getting orders I don't have to do a thing to fulfill. I wasn't sure how much I'd like Fulfilled by Amazon, but it's working well for me so far.

Went shopping today and am prepared for a weekend of fresh veggies and chili. Noms.

I have a new vacuum cleaner! I finally got fed up with my cheap Dirt Devil, which served me faithfully, but left me utterly deafened, for many years. I did some research and decided on a Shark, Rotator Pro. I went to Lowe's, but they were out, then swung by Fred Meyer's on a whim... where they had coupons for 20% off, bringing the price down to $40 less than Lowe's sale price. Woot! It is considerably quieter (and FAR shinier) than the old vacuum.

Okay, a little snack and it's back to sketching for me. Much to do, and I'm excited by what I'm working on.

I leave you a photo from earlier in the week:

Tuesdaily, barely.

I am a lump of miserable. Monday I was just sick enough to be grumpy, but still could do everything that didn't involve being creative. Today has been yet more of a struggle. I napped for a bit when Guppy napped - and she napped most prodigiously. It was after 6:30 by the time she woke up, but I figured if she was fighting off this cold, she needed the sleep more than we needed a schedule. She went to bed a little late, but not terrifically so. It's not a devestating cold - I was able to take a shower with only mild dizziness, and Coricidin knocks back the worst of the stuffy symptoms. I drove in and delivered a big box of wholesale coloring books, and went to the post office, and even did a mad whirlwind of shopping because I felt okay at the time. After nap, we ate some food and picked up the farm share, and then there was a bath, and Guppy is in bed, and I'm going there now. Goodnight!

Mondaily with sick...

I survived the weekend, and feverishly did laundry and cleaned and cooked in anticipation of catching Jake's cold. Which I did, right on schedule. So far, it's just a little exhaustion and a sore throat, but I'm braced for worse. We're well stocked on chicken soups and crackers, plus zucchini-blueberry muffins, and granola. I canceled childcare this morning, because I don't offer hazard pay.

It's cold and foggy and drizzly today anyway, so Guppy (who says her neck hurts) and I are making a movie day of it. So far, Cinderella and we're starting Hercules. I tried to get Aladdin, but it's not available for instant viewing, darn it.

Guppy is being suspiciously mellow about sitting in Papa's chair with a handful of toys while she zones out at the TV. It's not often she'll sit still through a whole movie, let alone all of one into another.

Have some photos from last week, because neither of us is looking particularly cute today...

We went up for ice cream and frisbee at the university with laylalawlor last week. With luck, we'll be back up to steam for ice cream this week, too.

She got a new set of paints this week, too, and sat right down to seriously make a painting.

Is that not the most wonderfully ridiculous new hat?

Off to slog foggily through Sketch Fest things...

Fridaily with scramble...

Husband is home ill for the second day in the row, childcare cancelled, caught flat-footed by a Sketch Fest today... my to-do list is ready to eat me! Desperately hoping Guppy and I don't catch this.

Hopefully will steal a little sketching time during a nap. Come join us with prompts in just a few hours! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/index.php



Me: .... "See saw?"


We went to the park yesterday, because it was gorgeous, and had been too long since we'd been to the park.

I swear, I do brush her hair.

I'm picking up proofs of the next mini-coloring book today!

1275 written on DB today, and working on my other world-domination plans. :)
Friday I went blueberry picking with M. We couldn't have asked for better weather - it was sunny and beautiful, and although it was crazy-early for them to be ripe, they were, and our summer had clearly been much kinder than the previous one. The picking was fair to good, and we each got at least a quart. Delicious blueberry pancakes were enjoyed all weekend.

Saturday was far less lovely. My delphiniums did not survive the winds and rains!

I made lemonade from those lemons, and found a perfect spot for a GIANT vase of flowers.

Shown with child for scale.

And in case you need proof of wind:

This morning I got orders out. I mailed off the last stragglers for the Sea Monster Month project - I was waiting for print selections and finally picked randomly for the last few. Project FINISHED! Also, a Portrait Adoption print went out, and a handful of coloring books. I also delivered more coloring books to a bookstore in town - they've been delighted by how briskly they are selling. I invoiced a new wholesale order to a gift shop in town, and Amazon has my next shipment, though they haven't unpacked it yet.

Orphan Works is the hot topic among artists... again. I am not particularly worked up about it. Like last time, well-meaning people are spreading a lot of mis-information. Much of what I wrote last time is still apt: http://emg-zine.com/item.php?id=396 And as always, the best way to protect your work is, ironically, to share it. If you have your work in YOUR galleries throughout the web, you are easy to find, and very difficult to legitimately orphan.

I am working on the color version of the Dotminatrix cover, and also on a whole BUNCH of new coloring book pages for two projects I can't really squee out loud about yet.
I have 3 huge boxes of coloring books packed up to send to Amazon, and another few dozen set aside for a wholesale order that is mired in paperwork.

A nice lady in the flower department of Freddy's got a big smile out of Guppy skipping through the store observing that "She's sweeping! She's sweeping up the flowers!" and gave her a carnation of her very own. It was carried around for a while, put in my purse while we ate ice cream at the "Unisitat" (University) and then carefully shredded into one of the trash cans at the post office.

Later she got a "Fixbe" (frisbee) at the University, and we had fun playing with that on our way home.

Then, all of her charm was used up, and she was an utter TERROR the rest of her day. The less said, the better.

Today has been better. Financial stuff done, and some writing. I've got my story plotted to the end, and I think it's about half-written now. I'm getting art-itchy, and will need to spend some time doing arty things post-haste.

And oh my gosh! I had scheduled a Muse Fusion for today! Best go get that started!!

You can leave me prompts here: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/236586.html
I was talking with our CSA gardener about our vole problem when she came over, and pointed out my chewed open trap.

"Where's the strawberry?" Guppy asked me, all innocence.

A strawberry had been ripening in my garden over the last few days. I was very excited for it, and went to point it out to her... and it was gone.

"ARGH!" I said, or something similarly coherent. "Those darn voles! They did it again!"

We commiserated a bit, and Guppy tugged on my pants. "I pickt the strawberry."

"ARGH! You picked my strawberry? What did you do with it?"

"I dunnano."

A few moments later, she pulled me towards a bucket of water at the end of the garden. A squishy, half-eaten strawberry floated in with the moths and spiders.

"You drowned my strawberry?!"

Mystery solved.


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