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Feeling superhero-y

Who's an amazing tough Alaskan kick-ass gal who can change a really flat tire at 30 below? Me!


Two people stopped and offered their help, but I wasn't really interested in standing around watching them do what I could do, so I thanked them and sent them along. I had a cheater bar, so loosening the nuts was no trouble, and I've already put the car up on the jack several times now, and I have an amazing cold weather coat and fur hat, so I didn't even really get cold.

My phone, however, was not as tough as I am, and stops recognizing my SIM card when it gets too cold.

It was Sunday evening, so no one was open to take a tire to, so I put on the donut and took the car out of AWD (which requires moving a fuse under the hood) and limped home with my hazards on.

My car handles like crap with a donut and 2WD, but we got home safely.


Rocking the invoicing, sold some art, jamming to Budos Band, and drinking a gourmet hot chocolate from Sipping Streams (a MOUNTAIN of whipped cream, drizzled with caramel and chocolate, with two stick of cinnamon, and it's homemade cocoa to boot). That's a nice way to spend a cold snowy morning while the Guppy is enjoying preschool.

No new artwork today, mostly because the things I'm working on are all under non-disclosure...

But have a clever silent auction display! I needed something I didn't want back to display the ornaments I was donating, as well as a way for the winner to get their ornaments home, and struck upon this idea:

The ornaments can be tucked into the box - a free priority flat rate box - at the end, it's all very pretty and super disposable, but sturdy enough for the job. I would do something a little shorter and more weighted for glass ornaments, but for the light shatter-proof skellies, the taller display was preferable - last year, the auction tables were quite tightly packed, and it was tough to see everything.

My music has moved through Star Wars soundtrack to Kula Shaker, and it's about time to log off and go do grocery shopping.

Oh! I've also dyed my daughter's hair with a purple streak, because parenting is awesome. I'll try to get her to hold still for a photo soon.

Thursdaily with new artwork

It's December, WTH?

I'm seriously not ready for this. I did, however, take a look at the ridiculous pile of things I wanted to accomplish in November about a week ago and after a few moments of despair and wringing of the hands, knuckled down... and actually got most of them done. I'm invoicing a client for the next segment of work, and not-a-book is off for genre check after a hacksaw edit, and I've got starts and progress (or better!) on everything else on my plate.

Today I got print files laid out for the print sale, and watched an episode of Flash, and ate Thai food and walked up the driveway in the snow, and made a giant fire because it's ten below and snowing like mad.

The Print sale prints are almost finished printing - just have to punch them and mail them then. This weekend, probably, which is faster than I'd feared. It helps that I automated so much of it, and that my artists are awesome and read the instructions. Most of the files could just be rotated and dropped into place.

Four new portraits scanned and ready to post to PA, and here's one that is for a Submitted Description and not yet available for adoption. (It may be, if the client doesn't choose it!)

Tuesdaily with twenty-five below zero.

As the subject says, it's chilly today. I've kept the home fires burning (quite literally), and we've had a crafty day inside. I got my inbox beaten back by several hundred emails, Guppy has been playing with her "Letter C bag" (a Literacy bag that the preschool sends home with us full of games and books), and I've been working on commissions. I have my last sketch laid out for the first segment of a big project, I finished a big chunk of a full page thing, and I got the rough sketch of a logo.

I also got a new collection of Christmas Dragons up at Etsy for download - make Christmas cards or crafts, or just color them for fun: https://www.etsy.com/listing/480961034/digital-holiday-dragon-coloring

The ACEO print sale at Sketch Fest has ended! I will be printing prints this week and sending them off to their new homes.

And in milestones, I programmed a page (a fairly complex one, no less) without testing it once during the writing, and it worked flawlessly the first time. That NEVER EVER EVER happens. I'm not sure what to make of it. A sign of the end times??

Weekend report and Mondaily with artwork

It was a lovely holiday. I watched a number of movies (Jetsons, Home, Sahara) and had wonderful food, and worked on a set of ornaments I'm donating to a holiday auction for Guppy's preschool and took a hike that I may have slightly over-estimated my energy for. (I had to eat emergency chocolate from my coat pocket and nearly face-planted in the snow on the last uphill stretch!)

We've had many sizzling fires and we worked on putting some shelves up in the garage that free up a lot of shelf space.

I got a little artwork done - and it's adopted already!

Today is the last day of the ACEO print sale! https://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestaceos.php

I have MUCH to catch up on! (But regret nothing!)
Sometimes I feel so full of gratitude and so glad for my life and my friends and my family and all the blessings and brightness that are around me that I'm afraid to say anything, like it's something fragile and shy and making eye contact with it will scare it off.

But I am so, so grateful for all of it. For all of you.

We had a beautiful dinner. We roasted a chicken, since none of us are nuts about turkey and there are only three of us. It turned out beautifully, all golden and crispy and moist. We had it with a green bean casserole made with heavy cream instead of milk, and a boxed stuffing. I also baked a dutch apple pie that blew my last pie out of the water, even though the top got a little dark in the middle. It was all quite amazing, and we ate ourselves silly.

Today's artwork is one of the #smaugust/#inktober pieces that I did for my Patreon patrons:

(Since Thanksgiving is now behind us, posting Christmas artwork is fair game, right??)
The sponsor gets first dibs on the original, but it may become available!

And last but not least, the Sketch Fest ACEO print sale is open! It runs through the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday weekend.


If you find bugs, let me know. This was a bit of a stretch to my programing abilities, and I learned all kinds of fancy new things to apply to this. I think it's a pretty slick system, but if you find a way to break it, I'll get my bug-fixing hammer. You'll note that there are even ways to search the prints! I'll be applying this search engine to the greater site after the sale is over. If you've been lax about checking categories, you may regret it!

Artists, you can still upload prints - I'll be approving them whenever I can throughout the weekend. Login and browse to your page - the upload link is underneath each thumbnail image.

Now I'm going to watch Clone Wars and fall into bed.

Wednesdaily if $brain_not_found

$mode = "SET language = programming.";
$result = fetch_logic($mode);

if ($periodic_update == daily)
{ #add artwork

$sale_status = 'sold';
$description = 'I shared a thumbnail image of this #inktober earlier, but it's got enough tiny detail to post in full! Prompted at Sketch Fest, and sponsored for completion through Patreon during #inktober.';

#funny Guppy story

Error! Humor not found! Guppy cupcake cascade error at Safeway results in Mom sprinting across store to catch her and walk her back to cart. Guppy decides that 'I like to be dragged!' and pretends her legs no longer work.

#progress report

$laundry_status = 'still in dryer.';
$book_status = 'unchanged.';
$current_efforts = 'Black Friday ACEO print sale site programming. Fantastic progress. Amazing results. Brain communication problems.';

} #end if

else { $alternate_reason_for_posting = 'not found.'; }

Tuesdaily with chaga tea artwork...

This was another for the Wild Teas of Alaska coloring book:

I am unleashing another project! This one is brief and simple - I will be selling ACEO prints of Sketch Fest artwork over Black Friday Weekend (spanning Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday). Artists can upload print files of ANY Sketch Fest piece they've ever done, and it will be available as a print. Artists will receive $2 for each print, and EMG will receive the rest.

Uploading for artists is available now! I'm putting the shopping features together now. How fancy it ends up being will depend on how many people start uploading artwork, and how cooperative a certain small monster is. It may be very barebones.

In other project things, PA artists, there are six submitted descriptions currently open. It's a great time to get involved!

In other news, I have SOLVED my not-a-book problems. Well, maybe not completely solved. But I have figured out a big part of what was bugging me, and how to fix it.

Today I have company, and sushi, and games with Guppy!

Mondaily with new(ish) artwork...

I'm excited to share the official launch of Hidden Youth. I have the following illustration in the anthology:

I am taking down the files for the scavenger hunt now - it was really a lot of fun and people had wonderful positive feedback about it. Not a whole lot of participation in the end though, so I'm not sure if I'll do it again. Maybe in a few years when I've got new sites to show off? (People even suggested my poetry wasn't awful!)

I saw Dr Strange on Saturday with a friend, and it was lovely. It was a gorgeous movie. A bottle of water cost more than $5, but it was still a good movie.

I went to bed last night feeling miserably ill, sniffling and sneezing and feeling like I was moving through a vat of honey. I drank things with vitamin C, and took a NyQuil and attempted a good night's sleep. Guppy had other plans, and I was up four freaking times, but even so, felt remarkably good this morning. Not... quite sick. A little sniffly and slightly spacy. I'll take it.

I got my car windshield replaced today - it was a spider web of cracks and chips and long overdue for fixing. Small monster went to preschool, and I got a brutal massage. Then we went grocery shopping and she is down for the most reluctant nap in the world.

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